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Why LPG is the perfect tipple for distilleries

Legislation aimed at reducing air pollution is prompting manufacturers who are based in off-grid areas to rethink how they power industrial processes. For many distilleries currently using heavy oil, LPG…

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Calor embarks on ecology project at Canvey Island Terminal after securing Platinum membership with the Essex Wildlife Trust

With its scenic views of the Kent coast and unique combination of landscapes from coastline to marshland, Canvey Island is a much-loved area in Essex. The Island is also home to one of Calor’s UK-based…

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Becoming a part of Kingspan’s Planet Passionate pledge with BioLPG

As the drive for more sustainable operations continues to intensify across UK industry, one manufacturer is really dedicated to making tangible changes to benefit both the company and environment when…

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Seven Bro7hers Brewery - Be a beer winner!

With International Beer Day just around the corner on 6th August, surely there’s no better reason to discover a new brew. Who knows, you could find a whole new favourite!

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Top tips for indoor home renovations in the countryside

With more time spent at home in the last few months, many of us have been looking at ways to improve our personal spaces. Whilst many people have gone down the DIY route to help give their homes a new…

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The finalists for the Calor Rural Community Fund 2021 have been announced

What do you get when there’s a whopping £85,000 worth of funding up for grabs from the Calor Rural Community Fund? You get fantastic people from all over the most rural, off-grid areas of the UK sharing…

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Helping Hand’s Esther Project Venue Officially Opened Following Help From Calor

Following a full renovation and refurbishment, the doors to the new Helping Hands Esther Project venue in Leamington Spa, were officially opened by Matthew Hickin, CEO of Calor Gas, and are now ready to…

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Quality Service from the Customer Engineering Team

At Calor, we are very proud of our engineers and technical operators. With impressive ratings from our customers on Trustpilot, it's fair to say that they do a marvellous job of ensuring that off-grid…

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5 things to remember when servicing your LPG boiler

From keeping your home cosy and warm when the temperature drops to making sure you have hot water at the twist of a tap, it can be easy to forget just how important our boilers are. With your boiler being…

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How To Choose The Best Fuel For Your Off-Grid Home

Countryside living offers a host of benefits from picturesque locations to a tight-knit community. But with many rural areas being off the mains grid, homeowners can rely on alternative sources such as…

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Things To Do With Your Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us and it’s the perfect excuse to let the dads know how special they are! A lovely, heartfelt card is always appreciated, but this year, we’ve got some creative and fun activities…

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Why BioLPG Can Offer Quick Carbon Saving Installations For Installers

Off-grid, rural UK homes have a particular set of challenges when it comes to decarbonising heat. Karl Bateman, National Specifier Manager at Calor, explains why these factors mean that boilers will continue…

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