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Calor Supplies LPG To Metered Estates

Moved onto a metered estate? Leave it all to us

Just like living with mains gas

There's no stress on a metered estate

If you've just moved onto a metered estate, you might be wondering what they are. In short, your house (and the houses around you) are all supplied by a collection of large LPG tanks - just like a mini gas grid. Simply give us a call and we can set your account up for you.

Worried about keeping track of how much gas you've used? With a metered estate, you can monitor your exact gas usage at any time. And just to make things even easier, our clever Auto-ordering technology automatically schedules a delivery to your communal tank. So you can sit back and enjoy your new home, whilst we keep an eye on your gas supply.

Fancy switching your LPG metered estate supplier to us?

Our dedicated metered estate switching team are here to have a chat with you. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a free, no obligation appointment for you.

Cooking with gas is one of our favourite things

And that's not the only thing that you can do with LPG

As well as giving you a controllable flame and instant heat, LPG fuels a range of household appliances including portable gas heaters, BBQs and LPG tumble dryers. Truth is, LPG is an all-rounder – it’ll always find a use in your home. 

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Frequently asked questions

All you need to do is give us a call on: 0345 766 1111. If you have the current meter reading handy - even better! 
Homes on an LPG metered estate often share a storage tank (above or underground) located in a central location on the development. The LPG is distributed from the storage through underground pipes to each property.
We automatically read your meter readings twice a year. But for added peace of mind, you can provide us with your meter readings on your Calor account online.
Calor’s metered estate tanks are fitted with Auto-ordering technology which monitors the levels of gas in the tank and sends us regular readings so we know when to schedule the next delivery. It's just like being on mains gas.
As each property on a Calor metered estate is fitted with a meter, this records the amount of gas used by your home and you are billed accordingly. You can even manage your account online.
It is possible to switch supplier if you live on a metered estate. However, this has to be a group decision. To find out more about switching your LPG supplier, please contact us to book a free, no obligation site survey to discuss options.