What Is LPG?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), often referred to as Butane or Propane, are mixtures of hydrocarbon gases that exist in a liquefied form. Differences in the properties between different blends means they are particularly suited to specific uses.

LPG in the UK has many uses, from fuelling gas BBQs, providing heat in an indoor patio heater, powering some of the 3.9 million homes in the UK that are off-grid to the mains supply gas network, to fuelling a portable generator in a burger van.


Propane is primarily used for BBQ’s, off-grid domestic LPG central heating, LPG cookers, plus numerous other residential and commercial applications.


Butane is perfect for fuelling indoor portable heaters, plus is often used as refrigeration fuel, in cigarette lighters and as a propellant in both household and industrial environments.


LPG in the mixed form of Propane and Butane is commonly known as Autogas; and is sold in petrol stations across the UK for use as fuel in converted cars and commercial fleet.

LPG Storage Options

Gas Cylinders

Portable LPG cylinders are perfect for use around the home and garden and require very little space, and will not leave any residue or harmful smoke during or after use. Propane, because of its low boiling point, must be stored and used outdoors, whilst Butane does not work in colder climates and is best used and stored indoors. See the gas cylinder safety page for further details.

LPG Tanks

Bulk LPG tanks are stored outside your home; Underground storage hides your tank in your garden, with just a discreet green cover remaining visible. Alternatively, an above-ground tank can be installed onto a fixed base in most gardens. Calor also offers an above-ground Compact storage unit containing four LPG cylinders, which is suitable for smaller gardens.

LPG Central Heating

Because LPG is a highly efficient fuel, it provides a good return on every unit of energy spent. In fact, a modern LPG condensing boiler fueled by gas is proven to be 90% more efficient than older or standard boilers.

LPG is great energy alternative to electric and oil and is safe to use, non-toxic and reliable when other means of power fail or are not available.

LPG vs Oil

Not only are LPG boilers often cheaper to buy than oil boilers they burn cleaner and appliances often require less maintenance as a result. For full details visit our LPG vs Oil page.

LPG vs Electricity

LPG offers instant, controllable heat and cooking on gas often offers great culinary flexibility. For full details visit our LPG vs Electricity page.

LPG vs Solid Fuel

With no day to day manual refueling LPG also offers instant, controllable heat. For full details visit our LPG vs Solid Fuel page.

LPG Prices

View our LPG Prices page for the various ways to find the butane, Autogas and propane prices.

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