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“The benefits and sheer simplicity of building with LPG mean it is a far more cost-effective and hassle-free option than either ASHP or oil heating.”

Eric Wardlaw, Senior Architectural Technologist

Muir Homes

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“A communal LPG supply from Calor offers homebuyers all the reliability, controllability and comforts of mains gas in an exclusive rural setting.”

Peter Hurst

Technical Manager, Woodstock Homes

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“We switched to Calor after experiencing unsatisfactory service from another LPG supplier, including being hit with lots of 'hidden extras'. I'm pleased to say that there have been no such problems with Calor and we've built a strong relationship over the past three years.”

Mark White, Operations Director

Bargate Homes

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“We knew from the start that the modifications required for LPG would be the easiest to do, involving only minimal changes and modest cost.”

Andrew Merchant, Technical Manager

David Wilson Homes East Midlands

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“I had initial reservations about tanks as the ambience of the development is vital to the finished product, but it has been tastefully done and the tanks are very discreet.”

Shaune Hicks, Construction Director

Larkfleet SQ Ltd

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“LPG from Calor has meant that all buyers will benefit from the reliability and controllability of a proven heating system which will help with the overall energy efficiency of the new home.”

James Richards

Senior Technical Manager at Linden Homes

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“Gas has a proven track record of providing heating and hot water to homes, so we had no doubts that LPG would be a trustworthy option that was hassle-free to install.”

Emma Allen

Project Manager at Biminster Homes

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“Working with Calor on this development has been a smooth and straightforward process from the start.”

Heidi Juggins-Ault

Assistant Engineer in the Persimmon Technical Department

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“LPG offers a tried and trusted solution that can help our tenants save money, while being simple and easy to use.”

Samantha Southam

Managing Director of Falcon Rural Housing

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“Being able to use our standard house design was key – LPG boilers fitted perfectly, which meant we didn’t have to redesign each property.”

Chris McTague

Engineering Manager at Taylor Wimpey Midlands

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“We chose LPG for our St Mary Bourne site because not only is it a cost-effective energy supply, but it provides more choice for our residents.”

Scott Edwards

Project Manager at the Hyde Group

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““We chose Calor mainly because the price was right but what made Calor stand out above the rest was their reputation in the market and reliability in supplying gas”

Andrew Growcott, Proprietor

Cheshire Game Supplies

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“Calor pulled out all the stops to give us a supply of gas. There was only a short window of time between us contacting Calor and installation”

Colin Wright, Quality Assurance Manager

Alexander Inglis & Son Ltd

Forklift Trucks

“As we are no longer charging batteries, we have seen electricity consumption decrease dramatically and LPG fuelled trucks cost less to operate than electric.”

Mike Cragg, Yard Manager

Marshalls’ West Lane site, Halifax

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“One of our company principles is 'Respect for Our Environment'. We wanted to introduce a more environmentally friendly forklift truck to our Northampton depot that is as efficient as a diesel truck but with the environmental advantages.”

Derek Boghurst

Material Handling Manager at Sainsbury's

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Gas to Grid

Wyke Farms Engineering Director
We chose LPG from Calor to blend with the lower grade biomethane in order to increase the calorific value of the gas. This ensures that it meets the National Grid's specification and also means we can claim back under the Government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).
Jason Fewell, Engineering Director  — Wyke Farms


“Calor’s service has been superb - I have no complaints whatsoever. In fact, the relationship to date with Calor has been one of the smoothest parts of taking over the pub.”

Chris Filus, Landlord

The Mason Arms

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“We were so pleased with the service Calor provided, we installed more LPG tanks!”

Mary Esler, Owner

Nash Manor Guesthouse

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Caterers at an LPG powered mobile catering van
The diesel generators were very dirty and smelly. You get it all over your hands when you refuel them. The LPG generator has no smell to it, it's clean and there's no soot in my van. It's lovely!
Dean Gray Snr  — Come Dine With Me
I’ve been using a Greengear LPG generator which is powered by Calor. We’ve been using this for the last year and it's green and light... Gas is much quicker and easier to use!
Emma Cutmore, Owner  — Ohh La Pasta


“With LPG estimated to reduce our CO2 emissions by 81 tonnes over a 12-month period, we have every confidence that we have made the right decision in switching to LPG.”

Paul Clark, Project Engineer


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“We made the switch to LNG because it is a cleaner source of energy. We were previously using kerosene, but LNG is a more cost-effective product to burn.”

Simon Evans, Plant Manager

Colemans Quarry

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“The team at Calor has been helpful and attentive throughout the entire process, helping us deal with any planning issues and managing the whole project to a very high standard.”

Robert Peel, Director

Dairy Partners

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“Calor is more than just an LPG supplier. Their service has been fantastic and I'd highly recommend them.”

Steve Ashby, Site Manager

Donniford Bay, Bourne Leisure


“Specifying LPG means we can offer our customers the same home comforts as mains gas, making the development more attractive to potential buyers.”

Geoff Hibbert, Engineering Manager

Bloor Homes

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“It's massively important to me to know that Calor will give my customers a good service as we pride ourselves on our customer service and reputation. I view Calor as being almost an extension of our team”

Mark Stephenson

Managing Director, OKEL

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Calor dual fuel commercial customer
In a little over 12 months, these 20 vehicles have covered over three million kilometres, and we've experienced fuel savings of around £79,000 thanks to the dual fuel system. We've also seen a 74 tonne reduction in our carbon emissions.
Tony Dent  — Sales Manager, Mercury Fuel Systems