We’re currently experiencing cylinder availability issues due to higher demand and restricted supply. Some cylinder sizes are unavailable or limited to exchange only. Calor Centres are closed to the public. Please read our full statement.

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Everything you need to know about gas bottles

Calor Gas Bottles
Whether you’re using Calor Gas Bottles in your motorhome, for your BBQ, patio gas heater or for domestic cooking and heating, we’ve pulled together yet another Q and A, featuring some helpful information. Everything you need to know, from gas bottle storage, exchange and returns, to gas bottle sizes, can be found here.

To help minimise the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily reduced the service from our Calor sites. So please call your local Calor Centre to arrange a delivery, return or exchange of gas bottles. Also, given the delivery pressure, cylinder collections can take as long as 2-3 weeks.

Where do I take my empty gas bottle to make an exchange?
If you’re looking to exchange your empty gas bottles, this can be done at any one of our Calor Centres, independent retailers or via our online shop. You can exchange your existing gas bottle for any other bottle within the same category, using your Cylinder Refill Agreement. Alternatively, you can exchange it with a bottle from a different category, by purchasing a new Cylinder Refill Agreement

How do I legally manage my gas bottles?

It’s important to know that gas bottles must be disposed of in the correct and legal way. For example, only people authorised by Calor, such as our nominated retailers or Calor centres, are allowed to be in possession of empty cylinders and to handle or dispose them. If you’re unsure, please call your local Calor Distribution Centre for assistance. 

How do I dispose of an empty gas bottle?
For safety and legal reasons, it is of utmost importance that customers return their unwanted or empty gas bottles to one of our many Calor Centres across the UK. Non-business customers can get back up to 70% of the original Cylinder Refill Agreement charge if the paperwork is presented. Alternatively, if you don’t have the paperwork, we offer £7.50 for each gas bottle returned at one of our Calor Centres. We are able to collect unwanted gas bottles, but please speak with your local Calor Centre regarding the refund as our drivers don’t carry cash or have the means of processing the Cylinder Refill Agreement refund. These are our standard procedures, however, in light of the current situation, we have had to modify our ways of working. So for the time being, you would need to call your local Calor Centre for all gas bottle returns.

How do I store gas bottles?
We get lots of questions about Calor gas bottle storage and this is something which should always be given plenty of consideration. Cylinders should always be stored outside in an upright position within a well-ventilated area and well away from any sources of heat and ignition. For more Dos and Don’ts, visit our advice page about gas bottle storage.

What’s the difference between Propane and Butane?
Propane and Butane are both forms of LPG, but they both have their own specialist uses that differ slightly. Propane is commonly used for off-grid domestic heating, BBQs, gas cookers and many other commercial appliances, however Butane is perfect for powering indoor heaters, single burner cooking appliances and ideal for camping. You can find out more about the differences between the two types of LPG here

What size gas bottle do I need? 

Whether you’re using the gas for home or business, what type and size of gas bottle you need will vary depending on what you intend on using this fuel for. With a wide range of Calor gas bottle sizes and types available, we’ve made the decision process really easy for you, by creating a handy online tool to help you choose the correct gas bottle you need.  

What gas is in patio gas bottles?

Patio gas stored in green cylinders is propane, which is ideally for use in outdoor areas. This is specifically called Patio gas because it is designed to power outdoor appliances such as gas barbecues and patio heaters, and these bottles are compatible with a 27mm clip on regulator. 

What BBQ gas bottle do I need? 
We know that with the summer months ahead of us, many people will be wondering what type of gas bottle they need to power their grill. The size and type of gas bottle you need is often determined by the type of ‘regulator’ that comes with your barbeque, whether it’s ‘screw-in’ or ‘clip-on’. We’ve produced a blog giving you all the information you need so that you can find the ideal gas bottle for your barbecue and create some amazing al fresco food in the warm weather.