Economical, reliable fuel for your mobile catering business

We understand how important it is for you to have dependable energy

After all, without it, your mobile catering business would grind to a halt. So that the unthinkable doesn’t happen, Calor, the UK’s leading supplier of LPG, has teamed up with generator manufacturer Greengear to ensure businesses like yours can continue to cook up a storm.

The benefits of LPG

Serving up success on a plate

LPG-fuelled generators give you all the power and performance of equivalent petrol generators but deliver fuel savings of up to 50%.1 And better fuel performance means there’s also less servicing required.
With LPG you get a consistent, reliable supply of energy at an affordable price, so fuel costs don’t eat into your profits.
As well as saving you cash, LPG produces fewer emissions than petrol – less CO2 (11.7% less to be precise), NOx and SOx. Which means no more petrol smell or soot.
A mobile caterer serving in a food truck

What our customers think

Caterers at an LPG powered mobile catering van
The diesel generators were very dirty and smelly. You get it all over your hands when you refuel them. The LPG generator has no smell to it, it's clean and there's no soot in my van. It's lovely!
Dean Gray Snr  — Come Dine With Me
I’ve been using a Greengear LPG generator which is powered by Calor. We’ve been using this for the last year and it's green and light... Gas is much quicker and easier to use!
Emma Cutmore, Owner  — Ohh La Pasta

Why choose Calor?

Catering for your every need 

Calor understands that as a mobile caterer you need high quality, durable appliances. That’s why we stock a broad range of LPG equipment for your mobile catering needs. Our alfresco appliances – from high spec BBQs to LPG patio heaters – extend your business outdoors so you can serve more covers. Now there’s food for thought.
With Calor LPG cylinders making you self-sufficient, you’ll never need to worry about a power cut again.
Calor cylinders, available in a wide range of sizes, are a convenient, portable way of fuelling your generator. With more than 8,000 gas stockists we can ensure your business enjoys a continuous supply of gas delivered straight to your door. 
Calor has been providing gas to homes and businesses since 1935. In fact, to many people we are to LPG what Bic is to biros. Or Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. You get the idea.
A side view of a Calor lorry driving through the countryside
1 Greengear 5kW generator at an average consumption of 2.25 l/hr using a 47kg cylinder at average retail price. Compared to an equivalent 5kW petrol generator consuming 2.20 l/hr using unleaded at the average cost of 119.5 pence per litre in February 2017.