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Using LPG for caravanning: a beginner’s guide

Caravanning has never been so popular! 

With more and more people choosing to spend their holidays in the UK, the humble caravan is having a major comeback. Modern caravans are smart and stylish and they also give you the freedom to take a trip anywhere around the country at the drop of a hat.

Convenient and flexible

If you want to start caravanning, becoming familiar with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) will make the experience a lot more comfortable. LPG offers a convenient and flexible way to provide cooking, heating and refrigeration facilities to your caravan, bringing the benefits of home with you wherever you go.

LPG Explained

LPG for caravans is normally supplied in pressurised containers, which you may know as a gas bottle or cylinder. The fuel is stored under pressure as a liquid and becomes gaseous when released and fed to the appliance it is fuelling. The gas has to be delivered to the appliances at the appropriate pressure and you can do this by using a pressure-reducing regulator. To power a caravan, two types of LPG can be used; butane or propane gas.

Which type of LPG should I use?

The majority of caravans use either propane or butane gas to power their appliances. But which gas is right for you?

Butane gas is ideal for caravanning and camping during the warmer months. It can be used indoors all year round but is only suitable for outdoor use during the summer months, due to its high freezing point. The distinctive blue Calor bottles are available in 7kg and 15kg sizes, giving you options to choose from depending on the length of your trip and the kinds of LPG appliances you have.

Our propane gas can be used all year round outdoors, making it the perfect choice for touring caravanners who use their caravans whatever the weather. Our red propane bottles are available in 6kg and 13kg sizes.

Once you’ve decided on the right type of LPG for you, view our range of propane and butane gas bottles to make sure you have all that you need for your next trip.

Storing LPG Bottles

To maximise convenience and comfort, it’s always a great idea to have a ready supply of gas for your caravan so that you don’t unexpectedly run out. Storing gas bottles correctly is always important, whether you’re between trips, in transit or have arrived at your destination.

Our handy LPG storage tips

  • Always store gas bottles upright and in a well-ventilated area.

  • Secure your LPG bottles properly whilst travelling.

  • Turn off and disconnect your bottles when being stored between trips.

  • Switch off LPG-powered appliances in your caravan when not in use.

  • Check the bottles regularly to ensure they remain upright and free from leaks.

  • If using butane gas, ensure it is stored in a place with a temperature of over 4 degrees centigrade.

  • Check the caravan site’s own policy for gas bottle storage before you travel for the rules and requirements of storing LPG gas bottles.