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Introducing the new Appliances Shop with Hamiltons Gas Products Ltd

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Hamiltons Gas Products Ltd.  Whilst we will still stock and sell gas bottles online, Hamiltons will now stock and sell our appliances. You can take a look at all our appliances on the Appliances Shop website.

In order to help you find what you are looking for easily, we have linked directly to some of the most popular categories and products on the new Appliances Shop. Our range of Calor Essentials has all the equipment you need to use your gas products. Including Hoses and pigtails, Regulators, and Changeover valves and accessories.

The Appliances Shop also has a great variety of Outdoor living products available; BBQs and accessories to cook up a feast for the family and Patio heaters and flame towers to keep you warm in the garden. 

If you prefer to cook and stay warm inside, there are also lots of Home Essentials on offer, including portable gas heaters, LPG cookers and hobs and even LPG powered Tumble Dryers. 

At Calor, we can also offer many heating and cooking solutions to meet business needs. As well as our business energy solutions, you can find an extensive range of Commerical Gas Appliances  on the Appliances Shop. These include portable LPG generators, catering appliances and a range of accessories. 


Frequently asked questions

You can now find all our appliances at
Yes, we still stock and sell gas bottles. You can buy our gas bottles online at or you can find your local Calor Gas dealer using our handy retailer finder:
All accessories and appliances are now stocked by our Appliances Shop, ran by Hamiltons Gas Products Ltd:
Please visit the Appliances Shop and manage your account there. You will have a different account for the Gas Bottle Shop and the Appliances shop.

Please contact our partners, Hamiltons Gas Products Ltd, as they now manage all of our appliances. 

You can submit a request here:

Or call: 01926 808 085

You can now find all our appliances at