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Choose LPG for your off-grid energy

A Calor Gas truck driving over a bridge in the countryside
Whether you’re familiar with off-grid energy or you’re moving off-grid for the very first time, understanding what Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is and how it works can sometimes be a little tricky. So what is it? LPG is a colourless, hydrocarbon gas that exists in a liquefied form. It’s low carbon and highly efficient which is usually collected as a by-product of the crude oil refinery process.  

If you’re currently using oil or solid fuel to heat your home, LPG can be a great alternative, but what are the key things you need to know about LPG heating before you consider making the switch? We’ve pulled together 5 of the essential things you need to know about LPG to help you become a rural-energy aficionado in no time! 

1. It’s an energy all-rounder

Unlike other fuels such as oil, which can only be used to power your central heating, LPG is versatile. As well as powering your heating and hot water, it can also be used for cooking, meaning that no matter whether you’re running a bath or getting creative in the kitchen, LPG has you covered. It also means that if you’re already using an oil powered boiler and want to switch, there’s no need to change your entire heating system, all you need to do is install an LPG boiler. You can even use LPG to heat your swimming pool so it’s suitable for a range of property sizes.

2. The more sustainable solution

If you’re looking to switch to a more sustainable fuel, LPG or BioLPG could be a great option. LPG is collected as a bi-product of the crude oil refinery process meaning that it’s a lower carbon alternative to fuels such as oil. While BioLPG is made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials, offering all of the convenience of LPG, with even less environmental impact. In fact, LPG could reduce your carbon emissions by up to 16% compared to oil, while BioLPG could save as much as 38% compared to oil*. 

3. Storage options for every home 

With a range of simple storage options, LPG makes it easy to choose the best storage solution for you and your home. As well as above-ground tanks, Calor also offers an underground tank option**, giving you more space to enjoy in your garden, with nothing more to see than a discreet green cover. All our LPG tanks are installed with auto-ordering technology which monitors your gas supply and automatically schedules your gas delivery when you're running low - one less thing for you to worry about.

If space is more limited and you don’t have the room for a tank, Calor also offers LPG gas bottles. They feature a change-over valve which automatically switches from one gas bottle to another, giving you continuous gas supply, with a small footprint that fits effortlessly into your garden.

4. Easy installation 

When it comes to LPG, installation couldn’t be simpler. Thanks to Calor’s team of experts, not only will they guide you through the process of choosing the best storage solution, but they’ll take the hassle out of siting and installing your chosen tank or gas bottles as well. With our handy find an installer tool, finding someone to install an LPG boiler is simple too. Just head to to find someone local to you. 

5. Safety first 

While levels of rural crime have fallen in the last year***, opting for LPG can be a safer option in comparison to oil, as it’s virtually impossible to steal. Unlike oil, which is a liquid, LPG is harder to siphon off and thanks to hidden storage options like underground tanks, it means you can keep your fuel out of sight and out of mind. That means you can enjoy all the benefits that come with LPG without worry. 
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