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The best fuel choice for healthy birds 

Poultry farmers flock to Calor

Reliable, consistent heat for the finest growth and laying conditions

A reliable power supply is essential to all businesses. But for poultry farmers it can literally be a matter of life and death as birds need consistent levels of heat to thrive – especially during the rearing season.

LPG is perfect for poultry

Lower emissions and maintain efficiency

LPG produces 18%* lower carbon emissions, compared to heating oil.

Several little yellow chicks at a farm

Saving you money

As well as providing rapid shed heating, LPG is immensely reliable and cost-effective. Plus, there's no risk of oil spills with the associated fines, clean-up costs and environmental damage.

Why choose Calor?

Why Calor is an           eggcellent choice

As well as isolating the harmful products of combustion from the shed, an LPG-powered indirect heater minimises water vapour and CO2 inside the shed. This helps keep litter dry, improving chick growth rates and reducing the risk of common diseases like Pododermititis.

Having invested in Europe’s largest LPG storage facilities and the UK’s largest LPG tanker fleet, Calor will ensure your gas supply is always there when you need it.

Our Auto-ordering technology tells us when you're running low, so you don’t need to remember to order your next gas delivery. 
Recognising that so much is at stake, we put all our energy into providing a secure supply of heat, dependable deliveries and a level of technical support that is second to none.

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*Table based on DESNZ (Department for Energy Security and Net Zero) Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2023.