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LPG For Hotels

A five-star hotel experience, without compromise

One energy source for all your hotel needs

 “It’s our pleasure.” That familiar reply as your guests leave your hotel (chirpier than when they left their front door). As the owner of a bustling hotel, you need a fuel you can rely on. To keep your guests’ grins going, our LPG for hotels provides versatile energy for all central heating, hot water, cooking, swimming pools and can even help your staff power through their laundry pile. For energy efficiency in your hotel, LPG is the go-to. We can even hide your LPG tank underground to maintain those beautiful views for your guests.

The benefits of LPG

From a week away to a one night stay, we’ll ensure your guests are well rested

  • One fuel fits all with our versatile LPG

    You can rely on our versatile LPG for your busy hotel. From hot water for those never-ending showers, to hotel heating for snug rooms and heated pools... LPG does it all.
  • We'll do the ordering

    With Auto-ordering, your tank is installed with a telemetry unit which monitors your fuel levels.* So when you're low on gas, we'll schedule a delivery.
  • With your hotel’s carbon emissions in mind

    Let's think about the future, today. LPG is the cleanest fossil fuel around and emits 16% less carbon per Kwh, compared to heating oil.**
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Cook the right way

Demands in the kitchen require a reliable fuel. The chef's choice, cooking with gas provides you with an instant and controllable flame. So there’s no need to panic if all your guests come down for breakfast at the same time.

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Hide your tank underground 

Our underground bulk tanks are hidden out of sight, so your guests won't even know it's there. If an underground tank isn’t the solution for you, we have a range of storage options for you to choose from.

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Why choose Calor?

Rely on the UK's leading LPG supplier

We understand that managing your budget is important. With our fixed prices and tailor made packages to suit your hotel, we'll find the perfect solution for you. 

You can count on us to keep your guests warm and satisfied. With our large delivery network and national coverage, we’re local and right around the corner. What’s more, we have a large gas storage facility, so we’re always prepared when it comes to topping-up our customers.

Rated "Excellent" by our customers on Trustpilot, our customers know they can count on us. Take a look at our Trustpilot, to see what our customers think. 

From your first enquiry, right up to your installation, we'll ensure your switch over to us is seamless. We'll assess what the best solution is for you and offer a variety of services, from concrete bases for your tank to arranging vehicle protection during the installation. And if you'd prefer to keep your tank out of site, our underground tank is the perfect option. We can install trenchless technology for your pipework to ensure a hassle free installation and complete all the groundwork needed. 

To get the ball rolling, one of our energy specialists will give you a call to find out more about your hotel and book a free site survey.

We employ only the best people and work with only the safest equipment so our customers know they're in good hands. 

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What our customers think

* A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Calor, for the purpose of enabling Calor to remotely measure the quantity of LPG contained within the bulk tank(s) and schedule deliveries accordingly. Subject to the telemetry unit being able to receive signal. Direct-debit payment plan required
** ‘LPG’s Carbon Footprint Relative to Other Fuels: A Scientific Review’ - Atlantic Consulting 2017