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Clean up your carbon footprint and switch your forklift gas to BioLPG
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Efficient BioLPG and LPG with an unbeatable service

Tried and tested, you know LPG for your forklift trucks is the real deal. Reliable. Efficient. The bees knees.

But, with every great gas, you need a tip-top supplier. We’re the UK’s leading LPG supplier, known for going that extra mile for our customers. We have solutions for both forklift gas bottles and forklift LPG tanks, so you'll be spoilt for choice. 

If you decide to make the switch, there will be minimal downtime for your LPG forklift fleet. And just to top it all off, you won’t even need to speak with your current supplier. We’ll sort it all. (Phew.)

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Go greener with BioLPG

BioLPG - LPG with a greener twist

As going greener is an absolute must for your business, we offer a renewable energy solution with BioLPG. So when you make the switch to us, you can begin to reduce your carbon emissions from day one. Sorted. Offering the same great performance as LPG, with no need to change your forklift trucks, you can achieve carbon savings of up to 32%.* It really is a win-win. One step at a time, and with your help, we'll reduce carbon emissions together

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We'll keep your propane forklift moving

The switching process

The flow for switching your LPG FLT

  • 1. Chat

    Fill in the form below and one of our energy specialists will call for a chat about your requirements

  • 2. Perfect solution

    We'll visit your site, find the best solution for you and hand over your contract

  • 3. Sign, seal, deliver

    Sign your contract and we'll contact your supplier for you, getting everything ready to go

  • 4. Installation

    We'll disconnect your current supplier's equipment and install ours. Then you can power up as usual

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* 32% savings on carbon emissions are achievable at an allocation of 40% BioLPG and 60% conventional LPG. Calor reserves the right to amend the blend of BioLPG based on availability, feed stocks and predicted customer tonnage.