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A Calor employee handling a Calor gas bottle

Calor Gas Bottle Delivery and Propane Delivery

Delivery for your gas bottles and appliances

Cylinder collection information

Our Calor sites are closed for customer collections. If you’re looking to buy a new gas bottle or get a refill for your existing one, head to our Find a retailer page to pinpoint your nearest retailer. We've over 10,000 stockists in the UK, so you'll never be too far from one.

Local gas bottle delivery

Gas bottles, local to you

Gas cylinders are available from many Calor retailers nationwide if you have a like-for-like empty bottle to exchange but are currently unavailable on our online shop. 

If you’ve got an empty Calor gas bottle, you can exchange this for a like-for-like replacement bottle at one of our retailers without paying for a new Cylinder Refill Agreement (CRA).  We recommend calling your local retailer to check availability and opening hours before travelling.

We encourage customers to return any empty or unused cylinders to improve availability. If you have a gas cylinder to return, please call your local Calor Distribution Centre (CDC), who will be able to advise accordingly.

For all information regarding Returns, Refills and Exchanges please see our Gas cylinder area.

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Appliance delivery

Fancy showing off to your neighbours with a shiny new BBQ?

Our appliances are now stocked and sold by Hamiltons Gas Products Ltd on our Appliances Shop. If you're looking for information about an appliance order you have placed, please head over to the Appliances Shop.

A close up of a man who is cooking with an LPG powered BBQ

Getting in touch and FAQs

Contacting us

We have lots of useful information on our help centre and you can find lots of frequently asked questions here. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or by email.