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Switching from solid fuel to gas

Splish slash and relax. Simply switch from solid fuel to LPG with Calor

If there's an energy need, we'll see to it  

So you're ready for a change for your home energy?

Perfect. With LPG, there’s no need to carry heavy coal or logs to fuel your home energy.

You’ll be able to just turn on your heating and experience instant, comforting heat. And with a turn of a tap, you'll have hot steamy water that's calling out for bubbles. So you can ditch those hefty logs and coal, whilst holding onto that toasty feeling.

Our Auto-ordering option allows us to monitor your fuel supply and then we'll deliver your gas. Yep – you’ll never have to order your gas to your home.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention – we can hide your LPG tank, too. That’s right – with our underground tank option – your tank will be hidden from view.  Intrigued? Well, we’re also the greener option. We also offer renewable Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG) which means you can reduce your carbon emissions even further. Sound good? It's your time to switch.

Why switch to LPG? 

Come home to all the comforts of gas 

  • Auto-ordering automatically orders fuel to your home when you're running low 
  • Cook on an instant, controllable flame
  • Low risk of fuel theft
  • Switching is easy and hassle-free 
  • Switch to our sustainable option with Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG)

Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG)

We're thinking about the future, today.

Advance towards a more sustainable tomorrow by upgrading to Futuria Liquid Gas, our lowest carbon emission energy plan. One step at a time, and with your help, this could lead to something incredible. Let's reduce carbon emissions, together.

Get in touch

Here for you

If you'd like to talk about switching to LPG with Calor, please get in touch with our team via one of the options below.

The switching process

A simple switch

Our team of experts will steer you through the switch, from siting your tank to connecting your gas, and everything in between.

  • 1 - Get in touch

    Talk to our team about a quote and your installation options.

  • 2 - Contract

    We'll send you the contract and the pre-qualification paperwork.

  • 3 - Site survey

    Pop the kettle on - It's time for the site survey.

  • 4 - Installation

    Sit back and relax - We'll install your new tank.

Storage options

The world's your oyster

There's no tough choices here. We've got a range of storage solutions to fit in with your home and your lifestyle. Find out more about your options and their siting requirements.


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Free time is for getting up to no good - it's not for ordering gas

Auto-ordering automatically tells us when a top-up of gas is needed; we'll schedule your delivery, so you don't have to

Cooking on gas

Winner winner

Let's tuck into that scrummy dinner

You’re a cooking sensation. Chef apron firmly tied. Cookbook open. Bookmark slotted on that fancy dish. Cooking on gas with an instant heat and a controllable flame gives you that added je ne sais quoi in the kitchen. And, because most popular gas cookers can be easily converted into LPG cookers, you won’t have to scrimp on style. So even if it’s a classic spag bol for dinner, or you’re rooting for something a little more va-va-voom – an LPG flame will do the trick.

A hot pie cooked with an LPG cooker

What our customers think

A Calor customer is sitting at his dining table, discussing the benefits of LPG for larger properties like his own.
"There are other companies out there, but Calor are nationwide. I think Calor gas are perfect in a situation where there is no mains gas supply"
Mr Buxton
Two of Calor’s customers are sitting down on a sofa in their home. One of the customers is Louis Deacon, a former English professional Rugby Union player
"I wanted to feel like we were on mains gas. It was a simple decision in the end."
Louis Deacon
Two Calor customers sitting comfortably on their sofa in their home
"We were struggling with oil in terms of cost for a while – we had an old oil boiler and it wasn't hugely efficient... We've found the new LPG system to be more efficient"
Bob Sproson and Annie Haskins
One of Calor’s customers is standing in his kitchen, sharing his experiences with Calor.
We've lost an oil tank that was in the way and not very pretty. The underground LPG tank offers something that's out of sight and something we can depend on.
John Ball

Help and information

Need more information?

Check out our help centre. Here you can find lots of frequently asked questions all in one place.