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Commercial gas bottles safety regulations

Using gas bottles for business

We know that your employees' safety is your number one priority

So we've created these handy guidelines to ensure that your people are as safe as possible when using our gas bottles!

Manual Handling

These regulations are designed to prevent injuries related to manual handling

Manual handling is one of the leading causes of workplace injury. But, these injuries can be prevented. As an employer, you must carry out risk assessments on manual handling activities to ensure risks are as low as possible. These may include:

  • Rearranging methods of working to minimise manual handling
  • Distributing manual handling aids and equipment
  • Providing your staff with advice and training on the best ways to lift and move gas bottles

If your business involves moving bottles for your customers, you should ensure that each customer is aware of the manual handling risks associated with moving gas bottles. This way, injuries can be prevented.

A Calor employee handling a Calor gas bottle

Propane and butane safety data sheets

Get up to speed with the latest safety regulations

We provide Safety Data Sheets for both Propane and Butane

As we sell products within the scope of EU regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) we have a duty to provide sufficient information concerning the proper and safe use of these products. This enables you and your business to take the necessary measures to ensure propane and butane are always used correctly and safely.

Our safety data sheets provide extensive advice and support, including hazard identification, physical and chemical properties, exposure controls and personal protection. It also provides health and safety information on First Aid, firefighting and accident release measures. 

They include information on the secure handling, storage, disposal and transportation of propane and butane; and contain information and advice regarding the ecological and toxicological properties of propane and butane.

There are some helpful tips around the importance of wearing protective footwear and gloves, storing the bottle in a ventilated area, and wearing protective goggles when using propane in the liquid phase.

We have specific data sheets for propane and butane which you can view below.

Propane safety data sheet

Everything you need to know about propane safety

For full details on the correct handling, storage and disposal of propane, please download our PDF propane safety data sheet.

Butane safety data sheet

Here's some safety guidelines for all things butane

Download the PDF butane safety data sheet for further information on butane, its stability, reactivity and disposal considerations.

Need more help?

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What to do if you smell gas, or if there is an emergency

Immediately shut off all valves on bottles and call the Calor Emergency Line on 03457 444 999 for further instructions