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LPG is an alternative off-grid fuel that can be used in the same types of commercial and industrial space and water heating systems as natural gas, including radiator systems, warm-air heating, strip and plaque radiant heaters and industrial unit heaters. It’s equally suitable for use with condensing boilers.

LPG has the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels with 17.8% less CO2 per kWh than heating oil.*

The benefits of LPG

Benefits for you...

To get the ball rolling, we’ll survey your customer’s site without any obligation, advise on planning and provide a quote.
At Calor we value our relationships with specifiers, so we’re dedicated to providing a first-class service for your project, whatever its size. We know it can take years to build a good reputation and are committed to helping you protect it.

As a show of appreciation for your trust, when you specify Calor we give you £250 - up to £500 if it’s a commercial customer* - for every new customer you bring on board. And we’ll also list your business on our Installer Finder to help people looking for a boiler installation or repair to find you.

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As the leading LPG supplier we operate the only truly nationwide distribution network, which means you will always have peace of mind - knowing your customers have a reliable gas supply.

...and for your customers

We understand the appearance of a new homes site is a prime consideration for your developer clients. Underground tanks are a discreet gas storage option that does not detract from a development’s aesthetics.
LPG has the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels with 17.8% less CO2 per kWh than heating oil.* The figures look even better when you specify Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG), which can result in emissions-savings of up to 45% on 40/60 blend or up to 86% on 100% blend* when compared to heating oil and support compliance with the Government’s Clean Growth strategy.*
On average, LPG boilers are £900 cheaper than buying a new replacement oil boiler.** Plus, when switching from oil to LPG there is usually no need to change internal pipework or radiators. In addition, we keep ownership of the tank so there is no need to worry about tank replacement costs, which can be up to £2,000.4 
Typically, 60% of a business’s energy costs are for space heating and hot water so replacing an old oil boiler (quite possibly operating at 60% efficiency or lower) with a shiny new A-rated, high-efficiency condensing boiler will result in significantly lower energy bills for your clients.

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When changing your energy supply, you will want the process to be streamlined and easy, with minimal impact on your business. We understand that and will manage the whole process from start to finish.

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Specifier's guide to LPG

Learn more about specifying LPG to your customers

Download our Specifier's guide to LPG

Incentive of £500 valid for the recommendation of a commercial bulk lead that goes on to become Calor customer. Fees are payable when either one of the following criteria is met: (a) The customer’s annual usage is 5 tonnes per year. (b) The rated appliance is over 70Kw. The fee is payable to the Specifier upon the first gas fill received by the end customer.

*Table provided by kind permission of GemServ based on emission factor calculations prepared by BEIS 2021.
**Calor comparative pricing February 2016 based on RRP at boiler merchants