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Are you specifying LPG for a client? Or perhaps you want to learn more about specifying LPG, (we do free CPD seminars). You're in the right place and our expert teams can help you.

When being on-grid isn't an option, be off-grid

An energy solution you can rely on. LPG is an alternative off-grid fuel, when mains gas isn’t an option. It can be used for exactly the same uses as natural gas in commercial and industrial spaces and water heating systems. Radiator systems, warm-air heating, strip and plaque radiant heaters and industrial unit heaters are included in the many uses of LPG. And equally suitable for use with condensing boilers too.

The benefits of LPG

Benefits for you...

A professional partner you can rely on. At Calor, we value our relationships with specifiers, like you. We’re dedicated to providing a service for your project, whatever the scale of it. We know it can take years to build a good reputation, so we’re committed to helping you protect it. Let’s call it a partnership!
To get the ball rolling, we’ll survey your customer’s site without any obligation. Your local expert will advise on planning, discuss options and provide a quote.

Did you know LPG can integrate with renewable technologies? Whether you and your customer are looking for a stand-alone solutions or combined systems, LPG with Calor offers versatile options to complement your renewable projects.

...and for your customers

LPG reduces carbon emissions*. So, your clients will support compliance with the Governments Clean Growth Strategy and benefit from future proofing their systems.
…And lower energy bills for your clients. 60% of a business’s energy costs are for space heating and hot water. So, replacing an old oil boiler, (quite possibly operating at 60% efficiency or lower), with a shiny new A-rated, LPG high efficiency condensing boiler results in lower costs.
We understand all sites are different, so no matter the project, there will be a storage solution for all. Even if the site requires a more aesthetically pleasing option. We have several LPG storage options and different storage sizes for all kinds of sites and purposes.

Specify LPG with Calor

Be clued up on LPG and Futuria Liquid Gas

(with free CPD seminars)

Our team offer RIBA and CIBSE-approved seminar on LPG and Futuria Liquid Gas (FLG, previously BioLPG). It's a great way to build your knowledge on specifying these energy solutions for off-grid projects. If you fancy watching our LPG CPD online or to chat things through, please do get in touch using the form below. We'll be in touch!

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A Specifier's guide to LPG

Learn more about specifying LPG to your customers

Download our Specifier's guide to LPG

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*Table based on DESNZ (Department for Energy Security and Net Zero) Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2023.