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LPG for renovations, developers and home builders

You're not off-grid, you're on our grid

Are you building or renovating and looking for LPG for your new build home? We know living off-grid comes with challenges, and unique opportunities too. That's why LPG is the ideal energy solution for rural homes.

Smart, off-grid fuel for your new build

Constructing in areas without access to mains gas? No worries.

If you're planning to build or renovate a new property, (or properties), where mains gas isn't readily accessible, or not financially justified, then add LPG to your plans.

LPG, the closest alternative to mains gas, enables you to build quickly and efficiently.

Whether you're at the planning stage, currently building or renovating a property, or maybe even a small group of homes, get in touch with our team today! We'll discuss your options for the right energy solution to fit your plans.

LPG explained

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is actually a blanket term for two gases - propane and butane - that are easily converted to liquid with only moderate pressure. If you’re concerned about sustainability, LPG remains the lowest carbon, most efficient and effective fossil fuel for off-grid homeowners.

The benefits of LPG

Building with the benefits of gas, without the pipeline

To improve the overall energy performance of your rural build or property, add LPG heating into your building or renovation plans. It has a much lower SAP rating compared to oil and electricity. And it lets you continue with your build with no hold up!
Once your work is complete, homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of being on grid, but off-grid. LPG provides hot water, central heating, and controllable cooking – see just like mains!
LPG boilers have the same size and same flue clearances as mains gas boilers. So, you’ll be able to seamlessly slot LPG into your house designs.
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The perfect LPG solution

LPG for renovations and new builds

Take a look at the benefits

Why choose Calor?

Your off-grid choice

We’re experts at delivering a safe and flexible LPG solution. We’ll help meet the needs and wants of your project plans.

From your first enquiry to installation through to a regular top-up we make it easy. So, you can concentrate on your renovation or building plans.

Our teams will work with you to find and fit the perfect solution. And when the projects complete, you'll benefit from the same service through our network of local customer service teams and the UK’s largest LPG delivery fleet. 

Whatever the size of the new build or renovation project we’ll be sure to work with you to recommend the best LPG solution. There’s options for you: 

  • Storage tank type: With aboveground, belowground and gas bottles.
  • Tank sizes: No matter the size of the build, we’ll always install the right size tank for your supply and usage. 
  • Ordering type: Our auto-ordering comes as standard. We'll top up the tank when it needs it, so you don't have to worry. Or you can place your own orders. 
A gas central heating system and the familiarity of LPG boiler controls, (which work in the same way as standard boilers), is a super strong selling point. 

If you’re building or renovating to sell, LPG with us is certainly favourable. And whatever the size of your build; we’ll work with you to recommend the best LPG solution, tank sizes and siting.
LPG boilers, tanks and appliances are fit and ready for bio-fuels. LPG with Calor is energy that’s going to be here for the future of off-grid. We already have Futuria Liquid gas, and more sustainable solutions in the pipeline. So, your build will be future fuel ready!

Installing LPG really is the easy choice, deliveries run smoothly too.

We're on board to help you choose what size tank and install type is best suited for your plans. If you're building or renovating to sell, we'll be there for your homebuyers from the change of ownership to their first delivery and beyond. We have handy info guides to share with you, so you can feel confident to talk to your customers about all things LPG.

Handy information for you

Make the smart choice for rural off-grid properties

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Build LPG into your off-grid property plans

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