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Gas Emergency

Calor Emergency line

If you have a gas emergency, including a gas leak, suspected carbon monoxide, or gas supply disruption to an essential service, please call our emergency line which is open 24/7.

LPG emergency number

If there is a fire, explosion, or risk to life or property, please call 999 immediately. Then, call our emergency line when it is safe to do so, to inform us of the emergency.

We need to keep our emergency line clear for our agents to be able to deal with gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and disruption to essential services. Therefore, instead of calling our emergency line, for urgent gas deliveries or anything else please contact our help team who will be able to support you.

Our engineering team doesn’t hold any information about gas supply or delivery schedules, but you should find the information you need on our help and support page. 

Gas bottle emergency information

  • Emergency procedures
  • Carbon monoxide safety
  • LPG characteristics and fire control