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Gas Bottle Return

Return your gas bottle

Finished with your gas bottle? Return it to us and we'll recycle and reuse it

Do you have a cylinder you no longer need?

It’s important that we get gas bottles back when you no longer need them. We can then get them refurbished, refilled, and back out to customers who need them.

Please head over to our Calor Centre page, where you can find the details of your local Calor Centre. Just reach out to them and they’ll be able to arrange collection. Alternatively you can return a gas bottle to one of our retailers, you can find your nearest one on our Retailer Finder. Please call before travelling to check opening hours and if they are taking returns.

Calor may from time to time offer a discretionary payment for cylinders returned after the 2-year period for up to a maximum of 5 cylinders per annum. Please contact your local Calor Centre for more information on returns.