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Gas BBQ Safety

How to BBQ Safely

Keeping you safe when you're barbecuingĀ 

We want you to have an enjoyable and safe experience every time you use your gas barbecue. So we've created some helpful guidelines for you!

What to do

  • Check over your BBQ, gas bottle and hose for any sign of damage before use 
  • Change gas bottles outdoors, away from any sources of ignition
  • Make sure that the hose is properly attached before igniting the BBQ 
  • Keep children and pets away from the cooking area
  • Turn off the regulator first after cooking, to ensure any residual gas in the hose is used up 
  • Clean the BBQ and ensure any fat or oil deposits are removed from the hose and gas bottle before storing them
  • Ensure the BBQ has cooled down before attempting to move it

What not to do

  • Use a BBQ indoors; including inside a tent or marquee
  • Put combustable materials such as umbrellas near a BBQ 
  • Position the gas bottle under the BBQ - to the side is fine 
  • Smoke whilst changing the gas bottles or operating the BBQ
  • Use a BBQ on unlevel or shaky ground
  • Leave the BBQ, hotplate or grill unattended
  • Move the BBQ whilst it is alight
  • Leave the regulator in the 'On' position whilst the BBQ is not in use

Need more help?

Call our technical engineering help desk and they'll be happy to advise further

What to do if you smell gas, or if there is a fire

Immediately shut off all valves on bottles and call the Calor Emergency Line on 03457 444 999 for further instructions