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Switch LPG supplier

Calor makes changing LPG suppliers simple.

Go on, make the switch. With our simple process, switching from your current LPG supplier has never been easier. And our expert team are here to guide you every step of the way.

Switching LPG suppliers made simple

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with choosing the UK's leading LPG supplier. When you make the switch, we ensure a price that's right for you, and a solution that suits your needs.

Why choose LPG with Calor?

Reasons to switch to Calor

With safety and service at our core, with our customer service teams located all around the UK. Meaning you get the benefits of our teams' local knowledge and the UK's largest off-grid energy network. With over 680 vehicles on the road – wherever you are, we’re here to get you what you need.

  • Safety is key

    Your safety is our priority. We’re always here to advise on safe handling, storage, and usage of LPG.
  • Local to you

    When you contact us, you'll be connected to your local team and we've extended our customer service opening hours to make it more convenient for you.
  • It's an easy switch

    Switching gas supplier is easy with Calor... Take a look at the switching process below.
  • Control the way you order

    Our auto-ordering* comes as standard when you join Calor. We’ll top-up your tank, so you don’t have to worry. Or you can choose to order your gas yourself.
  • Online account management

    You can order your top ups, make payments and more with Calor Account Online. It’s easy!

How to switch gas supplier to Calor

Switch to Calor with ease

We make switching easy for you. Along the way we may ask for pictures of your tank and the surrounding area. This'll be to complete the relevant safety checks and tank assessments. We'll communicate with your existing supplier, so you don't need to. But we'll be sure to keep you in the loop on the process! Here’s how you can switch and what’s involved...

  • 1 - Get in touch:

    Chat to our switch team about your options and get a quote.

  • 2 - Contract:

    We'll send you the contract and the forms to complete so we can begin your switch when we receive them from you.

  • 3 - We'll take care of the rest:

    From contacting your current supplier to completing the tank safety checks we'll handle it.

  • 4 - Switch complete!

    We'll let you know when your switch is complete, and you'll receive your welcome pack.

What our customers say

Get in touch

Make the switch, today!

Our team can provide a quote and discuss the next steps.

We’re receiving lots of enquiries right now; we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

We'll use the information submitted to respond to your current enquiry only. We may keep your information for a limited amount of time for quality assurance and to improve our services. For more details on the way we process your personal data, please see Calor’s Privacy Statement, which also includes details of how to access your data subject rights and the contact details of the Privacy Officer.

Please fix all the error(s) and then submit the form.

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To be eligible to switch to Calor you need to be out of contract or coming out of contract within 28 days.
When you switch to Calor, there’ll be no new installation required. And a tank upgrade isn’t needed so your tank can stay put. Unless we discuss with you otherwise following any safety assessments.
The process to switch LPG supplier to Calor can take up to 28 days from when we receive the signed paperwork and information from you.
We contact your existing supplier as part of the switch process. So, it’s up to you if you want to contact your existing supplier.
It depends on your tank levels at the point of starting your switch to Calor. Let our switch team know the current gas levels in your tank.

Useful information

  1. A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Calor, for the purpose of enabling Calor to remotely measure the quantity of LPG contained within the tank(s) and schedule deliveries accordingly.
  2. Subject to the telemetry unit being able to receive signal.
  3. Direct-debit payment plan required.

What is telemetry?

Our smart telemetry system monitors the levels of gas left in your tank or cylinders and automatically tells us when a top-up is needed.