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Three 5kg Calor Patio Gas bottles

Refillable gas bottles and cylinders: what to do

Empty gas bottle? It's time for a refill

If you’ve got an empty Calor gas bottle, you can exchange this for a like-for-like replacement bottle at one of our retailers without paying for a new Cylinder Refill Agreement (CRA). New bottles (if you haven't got a refill) are available for all sizes except 7kg, 15kg and 47kg. These will be available in November. Keep an eye out for an update here. 

*These gas bottles have been discontinued. We’d recommend switching to an alternative gas bottle within the exchange group. We will, subject to availability, continue to exchange and refill serviceable 3.9kg propane and 4.5kg butane cylinders, phasing them out of supply over a longer time. These cylinders will still be discontinued from our range, but this limited additional supply will give customers additional time to source an alternative way to power their onboard facilities. See here for more information.