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Three 5kg Calor Patio Gas bottles

Refillable gas bottles and cylinders: what to do

Empty gas bottle? It's time for a refill

If you’ve got an empty Calor gas bottle, you can exchange this for a like-for-like replacement bottle at one of our retailers without paying for a new Cylinder Refill Agreement (CRA). If you haven't got a bottle to exchange, you can buy one of our gas bottles at certain retailers. Simply use the filter on the retailer finder to locate a stockist who can provide new bottles without an exchange.

Can I exchange my gas bottle for a different size?

Yes, you can. However, if the cylinder is in a different exchange group, you’ll need to take out a new Cylinder Refill Agreement. The CRA charges for each bottle group are shown in the table below. For example, if you have a bottle in the small propane group and you want to exchange it for a bottle in the large propane group then you'll need to pay for a new large propane CRA of £69.99

Take a look below at the different exchange groups and check which group your bottle is in. 

You can buy a refill for your empty bottle from your local retailer. 

Cylinder exchange groups and CRA charges