The palatable alternative fuel for forklifts

Whether you have a single truck or a whole fleet, LPG is the most efficient fuel for the job. Choosing LPG as your forklift fuel type will mean greater operational efficiency, cost savings and a cleaner environment. Using costs supplied by industry experts, we estimate savings up to 32% by switching to our Green tariff with BioLPG. *

And to make things even greener, we'll throw our renewable energy solution, BioLPG, into the mix. At no extra cost, BioLPG will help you to meet those all important sustainability targets. It's a no brainer.

LPG, the long-standing fuel for forklifts

  • The cleanest fossil fuel around, LPG is a high flyer to meet those all-important sustainability targets
  • LPG will help your forklift fleet power forward with first-rate performance and minimal maintenance for both indoor and outdoor operation
  • Quieter than diesel powered forklifts, LPG is a smooth-rider. (So you treat your staff to a bit of peace and quiet.)

Reduce your carbon emissions with BioLPG

BioLPG - the forklift fuel for thought

Go even greener with our sustainable energy solution, BioLPG, at no extra cost. BioLPG is made from a blend of sustainably sourced materials and is the greener gas for the job. We apply 'Green Gas credits' to all of our green customers, as a part of the Green Gas Certification scheme. That means you can keep an eye on your all-important carbon footprint and reduce your emissions by up to 32% by switching to BioLPG.* Now that's energy we can vouch for

Calculate your carbon savings

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To find out how much carbon you could save by switching to gas powered forklift trucks, simply enter your current fuel type, the number of forklift trucks that you operate, how many hours per day they usually run, along with how many days a week they operate:

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Why choose Calor?

Sharing the load

As the leaders in the UK for both LPG and BioLPG, green energy and top-notch service is our forte. 

Technology matters, so we’ll always provide the best of the best. Our team will decide whether you’re best suited to our bulk tank or gas bottle storage option. If a bulk tank is the solution for you, we’ll install our Auto-ordering technology that'll automatically deliver your gas. If gas bottles tickle your fancy, our unique Magnatrac™ technology eliminates the potential risk of pesky metal particles entering the forklift fuel injection system.
When you’re all set up, our team offer expert training to upskill your staff to make sure they're fully confident with your new gas. 
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What our customers think

Health & Safety/Facilities Manager at The Pallet Network
Calor provide a good service. They are always on time and deliver on time... Recommending Calor to another business isn't an issue.
Tom Cassin, Health & Safety/ Facilities Manager  — The Pallet Network

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