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Business Energy Supplier

Energise your business with sustainable solutions from Calor.

LPG with Calor; a solution fit for the future and a supplier that's here to support your business - no matter how big or small.

No matter the sector, we can power your energy needs.

From farming sheep to baking pastries, managing a hotel to mobile catering, or running a manufacturing unit - the list is endless - you name it, we can fuel it.

We know what's important to you and your business. Calor can be your go-to source for efficient, reliable and versatile energy. We offer sustainable energy solutions too, with our own Futuria LPG (previously known as BioLPG).

Whether you call it propane, LPG, or simply 'gas', it’s all the same reliable energy source that keeps businesses running smoothly, and it can power yours too. As the preferred commercial energy supplier for thousands of businesses, join us and let us supply you with energy that's ready for the future.

Business LPG for any industry

Benefits of using propane for businesses

Unlock energy solutions with LPG...

Searching for a new energy solution, or looking to switch LPG suppliers? You're in the right place. Find out why LPG with Calor, is the right decision for your business.

Gas can be used to power endless amounts of different appliances and systems. LPG can create heat and hot water. It can boil, steam, sterilise, dry - and more. It powers FLTs, large and small industrial machinery, and water systems too. The list really is endless. Power your business with Calor LPG today...
We know keeping your business compliant with many rules and regulations is important. So, business LPG helps to keep you on the right side of environmental regulations. It's a tick from us.
When you switch from other fuels to LPG with Calor, you immediately reduce your business's carbon emissions. Calor LPG reduces emissions by up to 84%.* You'll support compliance regulations with the government's Clean Growth Strategy and benefit from a fuel fit for the future.
LPG integrates with renewable technologies. If your business is changing to a stand-alone solution or a combined system, then LPG with Calor offers versatile options to compliment technologies.
...And enjoy the benefits of LPG. At least 60% of a business energy costs are for space heating and hot water. Replacing an old oil boiler, with an LPG high efficiency boiler could result in lower costs. Compared to other fuels like electric and Oil, LPG systems can be significantly cheaper.
Moving FLT with Calor bulk tank in the background

Benefits of using Calor for your business

Calor's here for your business 

High versatility and low on emissions, we're more than just a commercial energy supplier.

  • A safe service

    Safety is number one! Delivery drivers to customer care representatives are trained to the highest standard. We ensure all deliveries and installations are completed safely. At Calor, we care.
  • A fuel for the future

    Switch from Oil to Calor LPG and reduce your business's CO2 emissions by up to 18%.* And when you're ready, make the switch to our Futuria Liquid Gas to save more.
  • A name you can trust

    As the UK's leading LPG supplier, Calor is trusted by thousands of businesses around the UK. We're the largest off-grid energy provider in the UK by volume, holding the most storage of LPG within our own facilities. We make business energy simple, flexible and reliable.
  • A solution for all

    We have many storage options and solutions to fit your business energy plans. From bulk tanks - above and below ground to cylinders. Our expert teams are here to advise on the best solution for you.

What our customers say about us

Future energy solutions for businesses

Commercial LPG tank being checked by Calor engineer

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas)

When you’re not connected to the mains gas grid, choose LPG and join our grid. It's an easy solution and used in the same way as natural gas in commercial and industrial spaces. LPG has many additional uses like powering catering appliances and fueling FLTs. It's a sustainable fuel and switching to LPG will reduce your carbon emissions by 18%*. LPG can be used to power your whole business or even part of it. So, for more sustainable energy, wherever you are, just ask Calor.

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Futuria Liquid Gas (previously known as BioLPG)

Full performance and less carbon emissions. FLG, (previously known as BioLPG), is the first of our fuels for the future. It's a Bio fuel and made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials. FLG works exactly the same as LPG; same equipment, same appliances, delivered and stored in the same way too. Make the switch to FLG and reduce your businesses carbon footprint by up to 84%.*

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*Table based on DESNZ (Department for Energy Security and Net Zero) Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2023.