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Two Calor employees talking outside of a Calor customer’s home

Business Energy Supplier

Business LPG from Calor

Your super-efficient energy all-rounder

Business LPG is the efficient and versatile way to power your business – wherever you’re based, and whatever industry you’re in. And since every company is different, we’ll help find the right business energy supply for you, deliver it reliably and stay close at hand for any help you need.

Business LPG for any industry

Why use business LPG?

The low carbon, super-efficient fuel 

If you need power away from the main grid, don’t worry – you’re never off our business LPG grid. 

  • Cut your carbon footprint

    Switching your business energy supply from oil to LPG can lower your CO2 emissions by up to 18%*
  • Work more sustainably

    Switch to Futuria Liquid Gas to cut your CO2 even more: by up to 84%*
  • Keep yourself compliant

    Business LPG can help to keep you on the right side of environmental regulations
  • Power anything and everything

    Business LPG is really versatile. It can create heat and electricity, boil, steam, sterilise, dry – and more

Why choose Calor for commercial LPG?

Driver with Calor LPG powered forklift truck

We’ve got 85 years of experience as a business energy supplier

Making energy simple, flexible and reliable.

  • Bespoke solutions
  • UK’s leading LPG supplier
  • Safety experts
  • Auto ordering

Get in touch

Frequently asked questions about commercial LPG

Help and information

Visit our help centre, where you can find lots of frequently asked questions and helpful information.

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*Table based on DESNZ (Department for Energy Security and Net Zero) Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2023.