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Transporting gas cylinders & bottles

Safely travelling with your gas bottles

So you're transporting some gas bottles and want to make sure that everything is safe

As safety is our top priority, we’ve put together guidance on how to safely transport gas bottles:

What to do

  • Make sure that your vehicle is suitable for the task, being of adequate strength and in good condition
  • Adequately ventilate your vehicle
  • Load gas bottles upright, with the valve at the top
  • Fit a blanking cap or plug to the outlet connection for the duration of travel 

What not to do

  • Allow anyone to smoke in or near any vehicle being used to transport gas bottles 
  • Operate any sources of ignition near the gas bottles, including lanterns, cigarette lighters, portable cooking stoves, etc 
  • Carry more than 333kg of gas without an ADR licence
  • Carry unnecessary passengers

Need more help?

Call our technical engineering help desk and they’ll be happy to advise further

If you smell gas whilst transporting bottles

Stop the engine and do not move the vehicle until the source of the leakage has been found and the vehicle has been declared safe by a competent person. Where possible, maximise ventilation by fully opening all doors, windows and vents and do not turn on any electrical equipment. Call the Calor Emergency Line on 03457 444 999 for further instructions