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Oil vs LPG

Is an LPG boiler a good alternative to oil heating?

Thinking about switching from oil to gas? Let's see what's involved in changing from oil to gas.

Make the switch...

Switching from oil to gas has never been easier. But why should you? LPG from Calor, the UK’s largest supplier of off-grid LPG, is cleaner burning, has lower carbon emissions and is more convenient than oil.  Let’s take a closer look…

Why you should switch from oil to gas

There's more reasons to change than the cost of LPG vs oil...

Here are some of our customers reasons for making the move. 

  • A more sustainable fuel

    Moving to LPG will cut your carbon emissions by 18%* compared to fuel oil. LPG is better for the environment, simple as that. 
  • LPG burns cleaner*

    If you’re using oil, you’ll know the smell, smoke and residue. Switch to gas and that’s gone. LPG burns clean* without smell or soot.
  • We’ll keep you topped up

    You'll never need to order oil again. You can opt to place your own orders or opt for auto-ordering, which will mean your tank is topped up and your home is always warm. 
  • Lower risk of theft

    Unlike oil, LPG is nearly impossible to steal. Moving away from oil makes your home less of a target for fuel theft.
  • More control in the kitchen

    The versatility of LPG means, you can upgrade your cooker to use LPG. Gas gives an instant flame which you have total control over. So, what's cooking?

How to switch?

Speak to our team of experts

Easy as 1. 2.. 3...

  • 1 - Let's have a chat

    Speak to our new supply team, the experts. We'll run you through your options and give you a quote to get your tank installed. Your LPG supply, your choice!

  • 2 - A bit of paperwork

    We'll put it in writing and send you some documents, (digitally or post) to complete.

  • 3 - Get kettle on...

    We'll be right over for a survey at yours. We need to draw up your solution. And make sure there's no surprises on install day.

  • 4 - Install day

    With the I's dotted and the T's crossed, you can relax, we'll come over and get your tank installed. 

  • 5. A bit of training

    Our team will run you through the filling process and care of your new supply. It doesn't take long.

Don't take our word for it, here's what people say about us

LPG options to suit you and your home

Get in touch

Get a quote

Let us know a bit about you and your home energy needs. Our team will get in touch to discuss switching to Calor and fixing your price for the next year.*

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We'll use the information submitted to respond to your current enquiry only. We may keep your information for a limited amount of time for quality assurance and to improve our services. For more details on the way we process your personal data, please see Calor’s Privacy Statement, which also includes details of how to access your data subject rights and the contact details of the Privacy Officer.

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Or give us a call...

Our team will be happy to help.

We followed our new customer on their journey as they switch from oil to LPG. 

Help and sources

Need more information?

Check out our help centre. Here you can find lots of frequently asked questions all in one place.

*LPG will reduce your emissions by 18%* compared to heating oil. And up to 44%* when switching from Oil to Futuria Liquid Gas (FLG), based on a 40% FLG blend. - *DESNZ (Department for Energy Security and Net Zero) Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2023.

**Subject to site survey

***'Auto ordering' technology - Terms and conditions  

1. A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Calor, for the purpose of enabling Calor to remotely measure the quantity of LPG contained within the bulk tank(s) and schedule deliveries accordingly.

  1. A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Calor, for the purpose of enabling Calor to remotely measure the quantity of LPG contained within the bulk tank(s) and schedule deliveries accordingly.
  2. Subject to the telemetry unit being able to receive signal
  3. Direct-debit payment plan required.

What is telemetry? Our smart telemetry system monitors the levels of gas left in your bulk tank(s) and automatically tells us when a top-up is needed.

****If you opt in for communications via SMS, we'll let you know by text when we are going to deliver your gas.