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Switch to LPG heating from Oil

Sunday roasts taste better with BioLPG
Clean up and switch to renewable energy with Calor

It's time to put your carbon footprint down*

Energy that’s kinder to our countryside. An underground tank that's hidden out of sight.** And a friendly smile as your home energy is being topped up. That’s what we, the UK’s leading LPG and BioLPG supplier, are all about.

We like to make life easier for our customers when they switch from oil to LPG heating. All of our tanks can be set up with Auto-ordering technology that monitors your gas and automatically schedules your deliveries behind the scenes.*** With us, it's plain sailing.

Make the switch to LPG or BioLPG

Oil or LPG? The choice is easy

Why you should switch from oil central heating

  • A more sustainable energy

    You could reduce your carbon emissions by up to 38% with BioLPG and 16% with LPG*
  • An energy all-rounder

    Our versatile energy can power it all - from running hot water to heating swimming pools
  • Controllable flame, delicious dishes

    Get cooking with an instant flame that allows you to cook at the perfect temperature
  • Low risk of fuel theft

    Unlike oil, our energy is virtually impossible to steal. So you can sleep easy

A more sustainable alternative to oil heating

Switch from oil and help us clean up our countryside with BioLPG

Advance towards a sustainable future by switching to renewable BioLPG and you could reduce your carbon emissions by up to 38%.* One step at a time, and with your help, this could lead to something incredible. Let's reduce carbon emissions, together.

How to switch from oil to LPG?

Switch to us, rely on us

Reliability. What a trait. As the UK’s leading LPG supplier, you can rely on us. Our team of experts will steer you through the switch, from siting your tank to connecting your gas, and everything in between. And it doesn’t end there, we pride ourselves on safety and we’ll regularly monitor your tank to ensure it’s in tip top condition. Switch to us and we’ll get the job done.

  • 1 - Quote.

    Get your personalised quote

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  • 2 - Visit.

    Pop the kettle on... we'll visit you

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  • 3 - Boiler.

    Time to sort your new LPG boiler

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  • 4 - Enjoy.

    We'll install your new tank!

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We value our customers, and our customers value us

Our customers mean the world to us, which is why we are so proud to be rated "Excellent" on TrustPilot.

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If you would like to discuss switching to LPG with Calor, please get in touch with our team via one of the options below.

Frequently asked questions

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I have a question

We've got a storage solution to match every home and family, so that you can enjoy every inch of your home.** You can read about them here. But don't worry - our energy experts will advise and assist every step of the way.

We’ll own and maintain your LPG tank – meaning there'll be one less thing for you to worry about.

Once you've accepted your quote and opted for LPG heating, we'll arrange for an energy expert to visit your home and conduct a site survey. They’ll help you to identify the perfect solution for you and they'll work with you to find a convenient time for install.

While our timescales can vary, we'll always do our best to install your gas as quickly as possible. And where needed, we can provide temporary gas solutions for your home energy.

Because nobody ever had too much time.

Our Auto-ordering technology works by fitting a content gauge to the top of your tank, which continuously monitors your usage.*** When you're running low, the transmitter sends a GSM signal to our central computers, alongside your current gas level and usage, which allows us to schedule your next delivery when you need one.

There's no charge for Auto-ordering and it’s available on our above ground and underground tanks.

Whilst we'll take care of everything outside, you'll need a trusty LPG Installer to fit your new boiler and hook everything up inside. You can find one through our quote tool, or by using our handy LPG Boiler Installer tool.****

Our BioLPG is made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials. It's a biopropane, chemically identical to LPG and compatible with all LPG products. This means that BioLPG has absolutely no compromise on performance, it's as energy efficient as LPG, whilst helping us to achieve a more sustainable future. 


*38% reduction in GHGs (CO2e/ eq function) compared to heating oil. Emission savings calculated based on allocation of 40% BioLPG and 60% conventional LPG. 16% reduction in GHGs (CO2e/ eq function) compared to heating oil. Emission savings calculated based on allocation of 100% conventional LPG. (Atlantic Consulting, 2017, a report commissioned by Calor Gas Limited.) 
** Subject to site survey.
  1. A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Calor, for the purpose of enabling Calor to remotely measure the quantity of LPG contained within the bulk tank(s) and schedule deliveries accordingly.
  2. Subject to the telemetry unit being able to receive signal.
  3. Direct-debit payment plan required.

What is telemetry?

Our smart telemetry system monitors the levels of gas left in your bulk tank(s) and automatically tells us when a top-up is needed.

The list of installers provided by Calor Gas Limited (“Calor”) on this Installer Finder Tool is not exhaustive and other installers may be available. Each installer referenced is independent from Calor, and Calor cannot accept responsibility for the workmanship of any installer. Any work undertaken represents an agreement between the installer and the customer, and Calor shall not be involved to any extent. The terms and guarantees relating to any product purchased by the customer from Calor shall remain independent from Calor's Installer Finder.