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Payment policy

Our published payment practice reports can be found here:

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In 2023 Calor Gas Limited went live with a new ERP system , SAP S4 Hana. This was a significant change for the company following +20 years on a previous ERP system which was highly customised. As a result of technical issues, processing of customer and supplier invoices were impacted during 2023 which impacted the reported figures. Despite this the operation was unimpacted and the company have worked hard to put in place the technical fixes, additional resource and change management required to stabilise the system and return to normal levels of operation. Calor also note that reporting is done on invoice date irrespective of Third Party Responsibility where a supplier sends an invoice with no Purchase Order or inaccuracies not allowing it to be matched. Whilst Calor has little control over this there are actions in place to reinforce the business terms via Supplier communications and rejecting of invoices (40-50% of invoices outstanding at any point in time are as a result of no or invalid PO).