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Top tips to prepare your home for the cold Autumn and Winter months

house in winter

As autumn starts to make its mark on the country, it’s important to remember how tough the winter can be on rural homes and communities. However, Calor is here with a handy guide on how you can make some simple changes to your home to make sure you’re best prepared to stay warm and cosy this autumn and winter.

Every winter, people across Britain are caught cold by plummeting temperatures and a season-long struggle to properly heat their home without spending a fortune on energy bills. So, whether you live in the thick of a community or in rural surroundings, we have put together some expert tips to make sure you’re fully prepared this winter.


1.)Stay Serviced and replace your boiler

Boilers are often only thought about when they stop working and create huge issues. To make sure you’re not left in the cold this winter, be sure to schedule your boiler for an annual service as this will make sure it’s in top condition and ready to keep your family toasty when you need it most. To help with this, Calor has created a handy LPG boiler installer finder, which can help you locate your nearest qualified installer. 


2.)Draught in some help

The more external doors and windows you have, the more susceptible you are to losing heat through cracks and small holes, which will also let in cold air and moisture.

Before the winter comes, be sure to fill any small cracks around the window and door frames with foam sealant as these can all help to create a warmer, more fuel-efficient home.


3.)Maximise sunshine time

Even though it’s winter, there will still be occasional sunny days which offer an opportunity to let natural heat and light into your home. If you have any south facing windows, make sure all curtains and blinds are open to let as much light and warmth in during the daytime. However, when the evening rolls around, be sure to close them as this is another layer of insulation you can add to each room to help keep it nice and snug. 


Equally, if your radiator is located under a window, make sure you blinds or curtains rest on the windowsill. Super long ones that drape over the radiator mean that all that lovely heat is getting trapped behind the curtain. This means you won’t benefit from the heating and you’ll effectively be losing energy.


4.)A bleeding good idea!

We all know that radiators are absolutely vital as we look to heat our home in the winter months, but to maximise efficiency, ensure all of your radiators have been bled well ahead of time. Bleeding makes sure that your radiators are heating right to the very top, getting rid of any trapped air that could be stopping hot water circulation. Also, be conscious of putting clothes on your radiators as this can trap heat that will not then reach the rest of the room.


5.)Make sure you’re prepared

Whether it means ordering in a couple more blankets or checking that you have some thick duvets for long dark nights, getting prepared ahead of time is crucial. However, with Calor, we can take care of your energy levels with our auto-ordering technology automatically, we can monitor your fuel levels and ensures it is replenished to keep your home cosy all winter long. If you have LPG and don’t have auto-ordering, it is wise to check your energy levels and order ahead to be prepared for winter.


6.)Get to the roof of the problem

A massive 30% of your home’s heat is lost through its roof, so if your loft isn’t insulated then you are wasting both heat and money. Making sure you have a loft that is properly insulated with the right heat-trapping materials takes little effort and can make a monumental difference to retaining warmth, particularly in larger homes.