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Top Ways Of Saving Energy At Home

Infographic of a house with green, yellow, orange and red lines on. With Save energy written next to the house
We’ve all been spending much more time at home this year, so naturally home energy usage may have increased to power Zoom meetings, provide extra hot drinks throughout the day, or warm up chilly toes after a frosty walk in the great outdoors.

To ensure that it doesn’t cost the earth to keep your home warm, bright and cosy in the run up to Christmas, we’ve prepared some simple changes you can do which will offer you some ways of saving energy and ensure we’re being kind to the environment too.

1. Homeworking quick wins
With many spare bedrooms and dining rooms quickly transforming into home offices this year, it’s essential to make each space work as hard as possible. With the frostier weather upon us, take a moment to move any furniture away from your radiators – you will benefit from a temperature boost by shuffling items just a few inches into the room. 
Also, try to set up your desk in a room that receives as much natural daylight as possible, reducing the need for artificial lights and allowing any sunshine to heat up the room, rather than putting your central heating on.

2. Let there be lovely Christmas lights!

We all love a festive fairy light but it’s important to make sure you’re using them in an environmentally friendly way, especially if you’re someone who loves to keep yours on throughout December! 
Opt for LED based Christmas lights and those marked as energy efficient as these will help you to save energy and money on your bills too. You could also consider purchasing ones with a timer or get a separate timer plug to set the lights to turn on and off for specific hours, so they’re not on for longer than necessary. That way you can enjoy the magic and sparkle of the season, all whilst being energy-savvy too!

3. Make a meal of it
Whatever your cuisine of choice, it’s easy to go green. Where possible, always batch cook or bake several meals while your oven is on. This offers a trio of benefits: 
- you can make the most of the energy used to heat the oven
- save time later in the week as you’ll have pre-prepared recipes ready to go
- you’ll save even more energy, as reheating frozen portions in the microwave is much more efficient than cooking the same meal from scratch
Using an electric slow cooker is also an incredibly energy efficient way to prepare delicious family favourites.

4. The big green clean
Being at home more has guaranteed one thing – more washing up! If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, ensure you stack your cutlery and crockery effectively to avoid any re-washes, only run a cycle when the dishwasher is completely full and, where possible, use the ‘eco’ programme. To keep on top of household chores it may be tempting to run the dishwasher or washing machine when it’s only half full, but this will only lead to more water and energy consumption. If you can, always wait until there’s enough for a full load. 
Another quick kitchen energy fix is dusting the coils at the back of your fridge and freezer. This swift job will improve your appliance’s energy efficiency and optimise performance.

5. Simple sustainability
If you already use LPG to fuel your off-grid home, consider reducing your carbon footprint even more by switching to Calor’s sustainable solution – BioLPG. Made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials, BioLPG is a clever eco propane that’s chemically identical to LPG and compatible with all LPG products, yet renewable and sustainable. 
It’s also just as energy efficient as LPG and delivered in exactly the same way. The great news is you won’t notice any difference in performance at home, but the environment will reap the rewards of your decision to make the switch.

6. Take time to unplug
As we’ve been staying connected with friends and family virtually over the last few months, digital technology has become a lifeline. However, energy is being wasted when your tech is left plugged in overnight, once it’s reached 100% battery, or if there are chargers connected when not in use. Have a quick walk around your home to check for any unnecessary energy guzzlers and check for ways to save energy at home. 
Another one to watch is your internet router. You can be instantly energy efficient by turning it off before you go to bed – just ensure no one in your home is in the middle of hosting a Zoom quiz before you flick the switch! Being more aware of your devices could save up to a huge £30* on your annual energy bill.

Taking a moment to implement some of our energy saving tips and tricks will ensure we can collectively look after our planet, and it will also leave a few more pennies in your pocket for thoughtful gifts, or charity donations this festive season.