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9 Ways Of Saving Energy At Home

We want to help everyone get the best from the energy they use. So to help out, we’ve put together a quick collection of gas and electricity saving tips that can help you start saving money and energy right now – and keep doing so all year long.

Quick and easy tips to keep energy bills down

  1. When you’re cooking
    Wondering how to save energy while cooking? Batch cooking and baking saves energy by making the most of the heat you’ve already used in your oven. Then, once the food is chilled or frozen, it’s easier and more energy efficient to reheat in a microwave. You’ll even save time as your meal is ready to go when you need it. If you're looking for a new LPG-powered cooker, you can find them on our Appliances Shop.

  2. Dishwashers v hand washing
    If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, make sure you stack your cutlery and crockery carefully to avoid the need for any rewashes. And while it might be tempting to run your dishwasher half full, try not to – over time, you’ll definitely save more energy and water using a full load. If you really want to be super-savvy, try using an ‘Eco’ programme, if you have one. Wondering if washing dishes by hand saves energy? That depends on how much hot water you use. One fully loaded dishwasher is cheaper to run than continually filling up bowls of hot water – or using your tap to rinse everything off.

  3. Clothes washing machines
    Wet appliances like washing machines account for nearly 10% of a typical household’s energy bills*. So what’s the best way to wash clothes and save energy? Washing at lower temperatures like 30 degrees helps – with many Eco settings now working as low as 20 degrees. And the best time to wash clothes? Always try and use a cheaper electricity tariff, say between 10pm and 5am.

  4. Showers v baths
    If you usually wash yourself in the bath, try taking a shower. If you already love your shower, try jumping out one or two minutes earlier. Some people even limit themselves to a four-minute shower. See what works for you. 

  5. Fridges and freezers
    Check the back of your fridge and freezer for dust. It might seem like a small thing, but even the dust that collects on the refrigeration coils of your appliances can affect energy efficiency. A quick dust every now and then will keep them working at tip-top efficiency. And the best energy-saving temperature for a fridge or freezer? Around 5 degrees celsius for a fridge and 18 degrees celsius for a freezer.

  6. In the home office
    Try to set up in a room that gets as much sunlight as possible. The more natural light you let in, the less you’ll spend on heating and lighting. What’s more, if you haven’t already, try and keep furniture away from radiators. Even if it’s just a few extra inches away, it’ll warm up the air more – not your furniture.

  7. Digital technology
    While digital tech is useful, it can slowly drain more energy than it needs. And that means more expense over the year. Another way to save electricity is to have a quick look around your home for any energy wasters. Try to avoid leaving devices plugged in overnight and on standby. Once your battery has reached 100%, unplug it. Another one to watch is your internet router. If you can, try and switch it off at night too. If no one’s using it, it really doesn’t need to be on.

  8. Christmas lighting
    Do you love to have your fairy lights on all Christmas? LED Christmas lights, and those marked as energy efficient, will help you save electricity and money. If they have a timer, you can always have them come on for a certain time. Or simply turn them on when they’re at their best – like at night, so it feels all lovely and festive. Looking for more winter know-how? Check out our Energy Efficient Tips For Winter.

  9. Reduce emissions by up to 33%
    If you already use LPG in your home, have you considered Calor’s Futuria Liquid Gas? Made from a blend of sustainably sourced materials, it’s just as energy efficient as existing LPG and delivered the same way. You can use Calor’s Futuria Liquid Gas anywhere you use standard LPG, and still, reduce emissions by up to 33%. So while you’re lowering your energy use – you’re significantly lowering your carbon emissions too.