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LPG boiler installation

Save an average of £800 on the cost of an LPG gas boiler compared to oil*

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As you may know, the cost of providing heating accounts for 55% of your annual energy bills.** That’s a pretty high percentage. So, naturally, you’ll want to make sure you’re saving as much money as possible. With an LPG gas boiler, as opposed to buying a new or replacement oil boiler, you could save an average of £800 on the boiler itself.* Also, as LPG boilers are compatible with many thermostatic controls, you can control how much heat, and therefore money, you use. It really is a win-win.

Local LPG boiler installation

Find local, Gas Safe registered engineers

 Find your local qualified gas engineer who will be able to provide a quote for you and fit your new LPG boiler. LPG boiler installation costs can vary.***

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