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Get your off-grid home winter ready and LPG gas safe

A Calor engineer walking away from his Calor van
As we head into the coldest months and with winter upon us, it’s inevitable that our gas appliances will be relied upon to keep us warm and cosy in our homes, with heating and an endless supply of hot water being essential.

Whether in an off-grid or mains gas area, it’s absolutely vital that everyone has their gas boiler regularly checked and serviced to keep them and their families safe and to avoid costly last-minute repairs. 

At Calor, gas safety is at the forefront of everything we do and your welfare is our number one priority. We understand that when your LPG gas boiler is running smoothly, getting it checked might be at the back of your mind, but it’s essential to look after it. Regular maintenance minimises the risk of breakdown and helps lengthen the lifespan of your boiler too. 

As the UK’s leading LPG supplier, we pride ourselves on being a team you can trust and rely upon, which is why we’ve prepared some simple tips to help you keep gas safe this winter. 

Stay Safe & service your LPG Boiler 
In the last 12 months alone, there were a staggering 2,466 gas-related Accident and Emergency (A&E) hospital admissions. Research also reveals that on average, 47 people visited A&E every week with injuries from gas appliances. The most common reason for this has been cited as exposure to smoke, fire and flames1. 

Many of these gas-related admissions can be triggered by a gas leak which in extreme circumstances can cause a fire, but this could be prevented with regular professional maintenance and servicing of gas appliances by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. 

Keeping on top of your LPG boiler maintenance by having it serviced annually will give you instant peace of mind and means that any potential safety issues can be identified and dealt with before they become more serious. Your boiler is an intrinsic appliance in the home, so making sure it’s well looked after and safe for use, is crucial. 

During a service your LPG heating engineer may spot an issue that can be easily and instantly repaired, potentially saving you valuable money. The longer a problem goes undetected, the more costly it can become to put right, or in the worst-case scenario, replace.  

Your fully qualified LPG Gas Safe Engineer will always carry out a series of safety checks to ensure it’s also working as efficiently as it can be - the more efficient your boiler, the less excess energy it will need to use daily, which could help you save on your long-term energy costs. 

The Right Time 
With busy lives and little spare time, it can be tricky to keep on top of when your boiler is due its service. If you're unsure, checking if your warranty requires a yearly service is a good place to begin as it should help you work out when it was last serviced.

Find My LPG Gas Engineer
The first thing you should do when you know your annual LPG boiler service is due, is to look for an LPG Gas Safe Registered engineer near you. You can do this by using our handy search tool here:   

The longer you go without a service, the less a boiler company can be sure that its products are working properly so it’s also important to remember that your warranty may be affected or even become void if you don’t have one each year.  

Help Is At Hand
If you can smell gas or in the event of a gas emergency, our customers can reach our emergency team on 03457 444 999 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   If you’re not a Calor customer and in the event you can smell gas or in the event of a gas emergency, please call the National Gas Emergency number on 0800 111 999
If you’re worried there might be a leak, make sure that you don’t smoke or light any sources of ignition. Please open doors and windows.

Every one of our customers is important to us and with more than 100,000 throughout the UK, we’re committed to keeping you warm and safe this winter. Our friendly team of experienced LPG experts are on hand to help you whatever the issue.