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Celebrating #LPGday!

A man and his son playing catch in their garden
Whether it’s cooking pancakes for a family breakfast, taking a relaxing soak in the bath, cranking up the central heating for a cosy night in or sizzling off some sausages on the BBQ, we can all think of LPG moments that have been special.

LPG, the unsung hero for many of us

Being the UK’s leading supplier of LPG, Calor brings clean, efficient and modern energy to rural Britain. We’re a forward thinking business that cares for the environment, and that’s why we also offer a renewable energy solution for home and business customers alike.  Find out more about our renewable energy solutions with BioLPG.

And with today being #LPGday, we wanted to remind you about the endless opportunities LPG has to offer you. It’s versatile, it's cleaner and it's practical. It can be used for a range of things such as: home heating, LPG cookers and tumble dryers, leisure parks and hospitality, crop-drying, BBQs, portable heaters and generators, hot tubs, swimming pools, hot air balloons, poultry and much much more. 

What’s your favourite LPG Moment?

If you want to get on board and celebrate #LPGday with us, why not take to social media and share your favourite LPG moment. Just remember to tag us in and use the hashtag.

And despite this miserable weather forecast, we hope you’ll be celebrating #LPGday in a special way. Perhaps you’ll be firing up the BBQ – because after all, LPG can be used come rain or shine!