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Propane Gas

What is propane?

What is Propane?

So you may know that propane is pretty famous in the world of Calor

But what is propane?

Propane (C3H8) is a form of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Propane is a gas but can be liquefied and stored in a propane gas bottle. With a low boiling point of -42°C, propane isn’t affected by cold conditions in the U.K and is therefore ideal for outdoor use.

Thanks to the high octane rating, propane is ideal for heating, as it’s efficient and produces more energy per cubic metre than other forms of fuel. Additionally, propane is a cleaner burner than other fossil fuels, and doesn’t contaminate groundwater or soil.

To find out how propane fuels an appliance and the difference between propane and butane, take a look at our LPG page. 

What is Biopropane?

Imagine in your mind a renewable propane

Picturing it?  Looks great doesn't it!

Well, we have some great news - it's available now - albeit only for home energy, forklift trucks and commercial transport right now, but we're busy working on expanding this list!  

Learn more about this Biopropane, or as we like to call it, Futuria Liquid Gas (previously known as BioLPG).

Frequently asked questions

The reason we like propane so much, is because it’s so versatile. You can use propane for a whole range of appliances. So whether you’re looking to power your oven, patio heater, BBQ, forklift truck, off-grid central heating or caravan – to name a few – propane is the gas for you.  If you’re unsure which gas bottle you need, take a look at: which Calor gas bottle do I need?

Unsure how to connect and disconnect a propane gas bottle? We’ve created a handy page which simply outlines exactly how to do so. Take a look at our connecting a gas bottle page.

Propane, like all forms of gas when used properly, is safe. At Calor, we prioritise safety, so we’ve created various pages to guide you on the safe use of all of our LPG gas bottles. If you’re a home energy Calor customer, we can arrange LPG pipework servicing and LPG tank inspections and replacements; to ensure everything is running smoothly and safely.

We also provide gas bottle safety guidelines, including how to safely connect and disconnect your gas bottles.

So you’ll be safe and sound, whilst experiencing all the benefits of our favourite gas. Plus, we'll always be at the other end of the phone – so you’ll never have an unanswered safety question.