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Introducing tomorrow’s energy solution, today

When deciding what energy source to use, a range of factors can play a part in the decision you make, including your location, cost, and environmental impact.

Oil has been commonplace in rural, off-grid homes for decades – but with the Government's net-zero by 2050 plans in place, homeowners are looking at alternative home energy solutions that reduce their carbon emissions and are a fit for the future. Options like LPG can offer a great alternative.  

Switching from Oil to LPG 

If your rural home is currently heated by oil, it’s worth looking at what other fuel options you could use that may be more versatile than oil, and better for the environment too. LPG, or Liquid Petroleum Gas, is a low carbon, highly efficient and clean burning fuel, which is better for the world around you. In fact, switching from oil to LPG can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 17.8%.

Futureproofing rural homeowners  

The UK government announced ambitious plans for net-zero emissions by 2050, outlining a strategy to start this decarbonisation process with homes that aren’t on the gas grid, such as those in rural locations.  

The aim is to bring in new regulations – due to start taking effect from 2026 – which will see an eventual end to using carbon-emitting fuels (such as oil) in off-grid homes by the late 2030s. Thankfully, there’s time for rural homeowners to think about more environmentally-friendly alternatives, such as LPG with Calor Home Energy. 

Off-grid homes present a unique challenge; with no access to the main gas supply, rural homeowners must look elsewhere for their energy solutions.  
LPG tanks and appliances are compatible with bio-fuels such as Futuria Liquid Gas, making it a great option for homes off the mains gas grid.  

What is Futuria Liquid Gas? 

Calor Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG) is a more sustainable twist on LPG and is available to homeowners now. Made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials, it’s a like-for-like replacement for LPG – it has the same great performance, but with a lower carbon footprint.  

As well as being equal in performance, Futuria Liquid Gas is chemically identical to LPG, so it’s 100% compatible with all LPG fuelled equipment, such as your LPG boiler – which means that if you do decide to take this next step on your sustainable energy journey, you can rest assured that your LPG boiler and other equipment using LPG will be compatible.  

Why choose LPG? 

Unlike oil, which emits a huge amount of CO2 and is very bulky to store, LPG is a more environmentally friendly fuel that can be stored discreetly in a tank that’s hidden under ground in your garden* - by switching to LPG with Calor Home Energy, you can continue to appreciate your lovely rural views.  

Oil is mainly used for central heating only. More often than not, you’ll need an additional fuel source in place for hot water and home cooking – you can escape the hassle with LPG which can power all of these, and more. 

Also, a lot of soot and ash is produced from oil boilers. LPG boilers are much easier to maintain – and maintenance costs are lower too!  

Building a more sustainable future 

The benefits of more efficient, low-carbon energy solutions are clear; smarter, better performing homes, reduced energy bills and less impact on the environment. We are working towards a more sustainable future, and by 2040, we’ll offer all our customers 100% sustainable energy.  

If you’re using another fuel, such as oil, and would like to start getting ready for the changes, as well as reducing your carbon footprint, you can make the transition to LPG with Calor. If you’re looking to switch fuel or move off-grid, head to our website for more information about your energy options: