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Shining a spotlight on our drivers and the great customer service they deliver

Calor Bulk truck parked in the foreground of the image, with the Lake District hills in the background
When it comes to our drivers here at Calor, there’s no denying they are the driving force of our business.

Out on the roads travelling the length and breadth of the country, our team of more than 400 drivers make sure that our customers get the fuel they need, when they need it, safely.  And with plans to hire an additional 250 drivers to help us meet the increased demand for our services, it’s clear our drivers are a vital part of our business. 

Yet, it’s not as simple as driving from A to B. Our drivers are also the face of our business too, and there to make sure our customers get exceptional customer service!

Operating 365 days a year, our drivers work out of a variety of Calor sites across the UK including gas storage facilities, refineries, distribution and operation centres. Our drivers navigate through tight country lanes and busy city centres, to ensure that our customers receive their gas deliveries whatever the weather. With such dedication to the job, we wanted to shine a light on some of them and take a look at the ways they continue to ensure we have happy customers.

What’s driving outstanding customer service for LPG Bulk Driver - Stephen Morris

Stephen has been a bulk LPG delivery driver for almost seven years. As one of our frontline drivers, Stephen explains why he treats each job like the first to set a high standard for customer service.

“For a lot of our customers, we are often the first face to face contact they will have with Calor. That’s why we take a lot of care to get to know our customers and make sure everything’s ok when we’re there. 

“When we arrive on a customer site, we carry out a risk assessment. Even if we’ve been on that site before there’s a lot that can change. For example, is the normal access route blocked? It’s not just about making the delivery – we also need to think practically to keep our customers and the general public safe.  

“Clear communication is also really important to giving good customer service. So, whilst we make sure we’re arriving on site when we say we will, sometimes, we need to stay with the previous customer to sort out an unexpected problem. Of course, this will have a knock-on effect for others, so we also tell them if there are any changes to the schedule so they can plan their side. Equally, there are other occasions where we may find ourselves with fuel onboard at the end of the day. I know my customers well, so I’ll use opportunities like this to work with our office and make a delivery early, which really does make a customer happy.”

Making our customers lives easier with LPG Cylinder Driver – Tim Heron

As one of our long-standing drivers, Tim is passionate about delivering LPG cylinders to, and supporting our customers, in the Yorkshire region.

“I think we all have an idea of what makes good customer service, and for me it’s all about how I can make their lives easier. Having worked at Calor since 2002, there’s a great level of trust between us and our customers; for example, on some sites, we have our own secure access points which means we can enter the customer’s site and make the delivery and manage the necessary admin, without them needing to take time out of their own busy schedules to oversee the delivery. 

“I’ve worked as a driver at Calor for 18 years now and customer service is as important today as it was when I first started. We still regularly receive training on health and safety as well as customer service so that we can continue to support customers and in turn, help them to serve their own customers.

“We’re incredibly proud to be the highest rated LPG and BioLPG supplier on Trustpilot*. A customer thanked me on a recent review, kindly saying that I went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. For me, that says it all - making the lives of customers easier is what my role is all about.”

Great relationships are key to customer service explains LNG Driver – Barry Woodcock

Barry delivers LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) to our commercial customers in transport, aggregate and asphalt, distilleries and breweries, and manufacturing. His dedication to keeping customers’ operations running smoothly and safely lie at the heart of providing excellent customer service.

“Customer relationships are really important, and so too is ongoing communication. Having both of these means we’re able to understand the needs of our customers, whether they’re in transport or industry, and how their LNG supply keeps their businesses running without hiccups. So doing simple things like letting them know when I’ll be arriving on site matters.

“For transport customers who need to refuel their vehicles with LNG, I often support their drivers with any day-to-day problems they may have about refuelling their HGVs. If a driver is having trouble using the refuelling terminal and can’t put gas into their HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle), they can’t go anywhere. So, if I’m there making a delivery, I’ll help them in person. Making sure they can refuel safely is also really important, so for example, if a driver or site manager wants a quick reminder on where the ESDs (emergency stop devices) are located, I can show them these are on the storage tanks and road tankers.

“We see ourselves as more like a business partner to our commercial customers rather than just a fuel supplier. So when I make my deliveries, I like to make sure that the service I give meets their expectations, and that I can leave each site knowing that the customer is happy.”

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*rating correct as of 14.10.2020