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Key LPG FLT Manufacturers in the UK

Whether you’re toying with the idea of an LPG-powered forklift truck fleet, or your mind is made up and you’re ready to get the FLT show on the road, we’ve put together a list of LPG FLT manufacturers to help. With a number of LPG forklift truck manufacturers offering forklifts for sale or lease to warehouse and logistics companies, there’s many reliable and experienced manufacturers to choose from.

Why LPG for your FLT?

With the introduction of the new EU Stage V standards for non-road mobile machinery earlier this year, more advanced cleaning systems and operating regimes are now required for diesel FLTs to ensure compliance.  These processes take the vehicles out of service for longer and this is simply no good. In contrast, BioLPG or LPG FLT models can easily adapt to the changes by using a three-way catalytic converter to eliminate nitrous oxides. These are inexpensive, require minimal maintenance and do not have to undergo the lengthy regeneration processes associated with diesel particulate filters (DPF). In fact, new LPG forklifts are now available on the market which come with the converter built-in. Take a look at this list of LPG FLT manufacturers in the UK to transform your forklift fleet and eliminate the disadvantages that come with running your fleet on diesel and even electric. 

CAT forklift
Cat Lift Trucks are one of the most well-known manufacturers of forklift trucks. Their LPG powered range of forklift trucks is an excellent alternative to diesel and electric counterbalance forklifts and meets various business needs. Cat states that LPG trucks will give ‘the best of both worlds without the main disadvantages of either’ diesel or electric. 

One great example is the Cat GP15-35N model which runs both inside and outside. Cat points out the environmental benefits of LPG over diesel, alongside relying on the operational advantages of LPG-powered FLTs, including their quiet operation and not needing hours of recharging between shifts.

Head to their website to find out more about Cat Lift Truck’s LPG-powered forklifts

Doosan / Daewoo forklift

Doosan, one of the UK’s leading forklift brands, was established following the acquisition of Daewoo Heavy Industries in 2005 by the Doosan Group. 

Doosan’s LPG 2.0 to 3.0 ton Series, featuring a 2.4 litre LPG engine, provide strong torque and excellent performance. Its camshaft and balance shaft belts help not only to extend the service interval but also provides quieter operation.  These models are widely used in the building materials, lumber and wood, industrial machinery and equipment and rental industries. 

View Doosan’s LPG engine range online today

Hyundai forklift

Hyundai’s LPG powered forklift trucks are a viable alternative to both diesel and electric counterbalance FLT-s for a huge range of materials handling applications. The manufacturer also defines those models as providing the best features that diesel and electric have to offer, but with the additional benefits of LPG.  

Interested in this manufacturer? Take a look at Hyundai’s LPG forklift truck range.

Linde Materials Handling forklift

The company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment and has been designing and offering quality industrial trucks, fleet management, driver assistance systems and service solutions for more than 50 years.

Great to see the launch of the new IC Counterbalance truck from Linde, fully Euro 5 compliant, as part of their ‘fit for the future’ portfolio. According to Linde Material Handling expert Prokosch, the IC drive is set to remain the number one choice for many customers for the foreseeable future – due to its strong performance and straightforward use. What’s more, the series is ringing in a new era at Linde Material Handling from a conceptual point of view, as it marks the end of the design separation of IC and electric forklifts.

To find out more, please visit Linde’s website.

Mitsubishi forklift

Mitsubishi LPG engine-powered forklifts are suitable for intensive and heavy-duty tasks. Their sturdy design and advanced emission control also feature intelligent engine management systems. 

Released in May 2019, the Mitsubishi GRENDiA ES FG15-35N range marks the move of this major manufacturer to become fully Euro 5 compliant.

Please see Mitsubishi’s range of forklift trucks and head to their LPG range.

Nissan Carrylift Group forklift

Carrylift Group is one of the leading forklift trucks suppliers in the UK and operates through a network of strategically located service centres. They offer tailored handling solutions, service and provide RTITB accredited FLT training courses.

Carrylift has announced they will supply BioLPG on all gas trucks from its short-term hire fleet and on selected new equipment. One of the first customers to take advantage of commercial BioLPG, our greener energy solution means Nissan Carrylift is now able to take part in the Green Certification Scheme.  


TCM forklift

TCM LPG forklifts are another great example that implements clean air engine technology. Their rugged, construction enables good job efficiency and minimal maintenance. Their lifting capacity is from 1.5 tonnes to 5.0 tonnes.  These models are suitable for range of industries from logistics to manufacturing.

View the TCM LPG forklift range and explore their many benefits.

Toyota Materials Handling forklift

The Toyota Materials Handling offers a variety of counterbalanced trucks: from series of up to 3.5 tonnes to models that can handle up to 8 tonnes. They are set to offer stability and productivity during operation and have low truck noise and vibration. 

Head to Toyota’s LPG FLT product page to read more.

Choosing the right energy supplier

And with every great FLT manufacturer, there’s the perfect energy company to help fuel the forklift fleet. At Calor, our customers rely on our security of supply so their business can keep running as it should. SHV Holding, Calor’s parent company, have taken the decision to invest £46.1m to improve the safety and reliability of its terminals. So with us, you know that as well as being provided with a powerful energy supply, you’re in safe and secure hands.  As the UK’s leading LPG and BioLPG supplier on Trustpilot, and with a team of dedicated energy experts in the FLT sector, you know we’re a supplier you can trust.