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Hospitality heating and energy conservation in hotels made easier with LPG

Rural British hotel outdoor area
Increase the energy efficiency of your off-grid hotel by switching from oil and electricity to LPG.

We know making decisions for your business can be tricky. When running a hotel, you want to ensure you can provide a five-star experience, without any compromise. This includes choosing a fuel that you can rely on, to keep the rooms at the perfect temperature with hotel heating, cooking up a feast for your guests with a controllable gas flame, heating up the pool to be comfortably warm, plus so much more. As the UK’s leading LPG supplier to off-grid homes and businesses, let us shed some light on how you can increase your energy efficiency, whilst reducing your Hotel carbon footprint.

It’s just like being on mains gas
For many rural businesses, energy supply can be a big headache. With Mains Gas unavailable in rural areas of the UK, business owners often find themselves searching for alternative options. Calor’s LPG hospitality heating offers a wide range of benefits. 

LPG is an extremely versatile energy source, providing energy for all your Hotel needs. It’s the go-to choice for efficiency and energy conservation in off-grid hotels.

A greener energy
We think about the future, today. LPG is the cleanest fossil fuel around and emits 16% less carbon emissions compared to heating oil*, meaning it will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, without compromising on energy efficiency. 

An energy that can power it all
LPG is a versatile fuel, working in a similar way to mains gas, it provides round the clock heating and hot water, as well as real-flame gas cooking, the ability to heat swimming pools and much more. No need to rely on a variety of different energy sources, LPG does it all. It’s also more cost-effective as there’s no need for installations or maintenance for varied energy systems.

We’ll do the ordering 
When it comes to efficiency, we don’t just mean energy. With auto-ordering, your tank will be installed with a telemetry unit, which monitors your fuel levels. So, when you’re running low on gas, we’ll schedule a delivery, so you don’t need to worry.  

*Atlantic Consulting, 2017