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Gas safety week 2020: supporting commercial businesses with Calor

Man securing an Calor gas cylinder to green FLT
Gas Safety Week’s 2020 campaign marks 10 years of raising gas safety awareness. With this important initiative in mind, Gary Smith, Head of HSE & Security at Calor explains how the company ensures the safety of its commercial customers.
It’s no secret that the industry we operate in is a highly regulated one, but here at Calor, the safety of our employees, customers and general public alike are our business priority. Gas Safety Week is a great initiative to raise awareness amongst the industry, but as a business, gas safety is something we practice each and every day.

Our team of drivers are very much on the ‘front line’ and play an important role in ensuring the safety of our customers, and indeed their customers too. As such, they are highly trained on all safety aspects including gas safety regulations, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that general safety checks are made every time you receive a delivery.

The safety training our drivers undertake covers both internal processes and also third-party training to ensure we remain compliant, but above that are committed to the UK Gas code of practice and best industry standards. This enables them to carry out a thorough visual inspection of all LPG equipment and its surrounding environment to ensure that it is in a safe working condition and free of hazards.

Even before our driver makes the first delivery, you can be reassured that your LPG infrastructure has been installed in line with our industry’s codes of practice and HSE (Health & Safety Executive) legal requirements. When a customer joins us, our engineers inspect the surrounding area to install LPG infrastructure, such as bulk tanks, in accordance with a written scheme of examination. If it doesn’t meet this standard, we work with the customer to find a safe and suitable location that meets current gas safety regulations, to install a new bulk tank or new equipment.

Supporting forklift truck (FLT) businesses 
When powering a fleet of forklift trucks (FLTs) with LPG or BioLPG, your site operatives and managers need to be confident in the handling and replacing of LPG cylinders onto the forklift truck, or refilling these vehicles. It’s not just their safety which is at stake, but also the safety of pedestrians and colleagues across the business who may be around these FLTs. That’s why we offer safety training for both operators and managers so they’re confident when using LPG.

The two different courses, covering theory and practical exercises, have been designed to ensure customers are able to carry out LPG refuelling and cylinder handling in a safe and competent manner. Topics covered on the courses include LPG properties and characteristics, cylinder identification and installation, safe storage, and hazards and controls review. We can tailor the training to suit your requirements, and deliver it on your site so that your employees can easily apply their learnings to their work environment. Of course, it’s not always practical to bring in an external trainer every time a new member of staff joins your team. That’s why we also offer a course to “train a trainer” so that he or she can teach others in the company.  And advice is always at the end of a phone call.

What our customers say:
The safety of our customers is vital, and we were delighted recently to receive the following feedback on Trustpilot from one of our FLT customers Matt, who thanked one of our trainers, Allen Brookes, for providing a detailed overview of the Calor equipment installed, starting with safety isolation and how to safely refill gas cylinders for FLT use.

Calor’s commitment to gas safety
Operating the most extensive LPG network in the UK, together with two of Europe’s largest LPG gas storage terminals, we have capacity to store around 100,000 tonnes of gas. With that comes great responsibility and our parent company, SHV Energy, is committed to investing in continuous enhancement of the safety and reliability of our terminals. We’re proud to have specialist engineering and installation divisions which are made up of more than 100 Gas Safe® registered engineers and subcontractors.

At Calor, our engineering team prides themselves on meeting the requirements of our customers and delivering reliable LPG installations, designed and fitted to the highest quality standards in the industry.  A commitment which is further supported by a nationwide network of qualified, LPG specialist engineers, providing 24/7 emergency cover, 365 days a year, so we’re there to support you, when it’s needed most. 

To find out how we can benefit your business, simply fill in our enquiry form today and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, head to our business energy hub to find out more about Calor’s tailored energy solutions.