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Things To Do With Your Dad This Father’s Day

Father and child walking towards the sunset on a lake

Father’s Day is upon us and it’s the perfect excuse to let the dads know how special they are! A lovely, heartfelt card is always appreciated, but this year, we’ve got some creative and fun activities you can do together to celebrate the main man in your life.

Whether he’s a dab hand at gardening, a keen golfer or likes to don his apron and get experimental in the kitchen, we’ve pulled together our top five ideas to inspire your Father’s Day plans.

The Great Father’s Day Bake Off

There’s nothing better than the smell of a freshly baked cake wafting through the house so why not have a go at baking some of your Dad’s favourite delicious treats?

From going all out with a rich chocolate fudge cake, to keeping things a bit simpler with some tasty biscuits, there’s plenty you could cook up to impress your Dad this Father’s Day.

If you’re cooking with the little ones then why not try our Easy Peasy Rice Krispie recipe for some delicious yet simple treats that Dad will love. And best of all you don’t even have to turn your oven on!

Garden Golf

If your dad likes nothing more than packing up his golf clubs for a leisurely 18 holes, you could try bringing things a bit closer to home by creating your own crazy golf course in your back garden.

Have a look through the recycling pile for things like cardboard tubes, boxes and packaging that you could use to create some tricky obstacles and have fun creating your own course. Then all you need is a couple of golf clubs and a golf ball – if you don’t have a professional set there’s plenty of plastic clubs online which were designed just for this kind of activity. Just make sure to leave yourself plenty of space, far enough away from any windows, glass doors or greenhouses to avoid any crazy golf related disasters!

A Breath of Fresh Air

We’ve all spent more than enough time at home over the past few months so how about venturing into the great outdoors for Father’s Day this year? With so many amazing places to explore in the UK, from walking routes to picturesque parks, there’s plenty of options whether you fancy something more energetic like a hike or want to pack up all your Dads’ favourite foods for a thoughtful family picnic. You could even make the most of the country’s hundreds of miles of coastline with a trip to the beach - just don’t forget to treat him to some well-earned fish and chips at the end of your coastal walk!

At the Movies

There’s nothing better than settling down with snacks to watch your favourite film at the cinema, but it’s actually really simple to create the cinema experience in your own living room.

You can pick up projectors and projector screens online for pretty reasonable prices but you can also easily make the screen yourself. Hang a sheet (or a plain, light coloured wall will work just as well) and set up a projector to create the big screen, make sure you’ve got all the family favourite film snacks like popcorn, ice cream and sweets on hand and grab your Dad’s all-time favourite film. 

All you need to do then, is cosy up on the sofa and you’ve got your very own home cinema. You could even go al-fresco by setting up a screen in the garden for a full drive-in movie feel!

Family History

Another lovely way to spend time with your Dad is to take a trip down memory lane by having a look at old family photos and preparing a family photo album to go through together. Not only is it a nice way to reminisce about childhood memories and funny family stories, but you might even learn some lovely new things about your family too.

And if your Dad loves history, why not spend some time researching your own family history? With plenty of websites available online that will help you to trace your ancestors, it’s another great way to spend time with your Dad while learning more about your family’s past.