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Easy Peasy Rice Krispie recipe

Rice Krispie recipe
If you’re looking for something fun to do with the little ones then getting them involved in some quick and easy recipes could be just the trick. 

This delicious and super simple Rice Krispies recipe is fun to make and your little ones (and maybe even you!) will love these sticky and gooey treats to munch on.


- 20-25 minutes to make 


- 50g of butter or margarine
- 350g of marshmallows (if you’re feeling adventurous try a flavoured variety!)
- 230g Rice Krispies (or own brand store equivalent). If you don’t have Rice Krispies in, then Coco Pops work just as well and add a nice chocolatey element to the recipe
- Edible glitter, sprinkles, or any additional toppings you’d like to add (optional)


- large Sauce pan
- stirring spoon/wooden spoon
- grease proof paper
- baking tray or tin
- spare spoons and forks (based on how many people in the family will be helping out with the recipe)
- heat rack


1) Turn on your gas hob and on a low heat, gently melt the butter in your saucepan. Take care not to let the butter bubble, simmer or burn (this part is probably best done by the adult)

2) Next, add your marshmallows and allow them to melt in to the butter. Be sure to constantly stir them so that they don’t burn or stick to the sides of the pan

3) Take your saucepan off the gas, turn the gas off and place the pan on your heat rack

4) Next add the Rice Krispies to your lovely gooey marshmallow mixture, thoroughly stirring it in

5) Once it’s all mixed, take your baking tray and carefully put the mixture in to it. You might have to use some extra spoons and forks to get all of the mixture out and in the tray. Make sure you’ve pressed it all down firmly and flatly in to the tray (especially the corners)

6) If you are using some extra toppings, sprinkle them on top and leave to cool until it feels completely firm

7) Cut your tasty treats in to bite sized chunks. If you have some shaped cookie cutters use these to add some fun to your creation

8) Try not to eat them all in one go!


Image credit -  Two sisters crafting