At Calor, we continue to deliver gas safely, keeping homes and businesses running across the UK. Our Calor Centres are currently closed to the public, please call your local centre to arrange a delivery or collection. Please read our full statement.

Gas bottle Exchanges, Refills and Returns

Need to refill, exchange or return a bottle?

Due to COVID-19, our Calor Centres are currently closed to the public. The majority of the sites are operational, however they are working at reduced capacity and remain closed for customer collections until further notice. Please call your local site to order and check delivery availability.

Gas bottle refills


Running on empty, it’s time to refill your gas bottle

You can either refill your existing gas bottle through our online shop or by calling your local retailer. If you need a different gas bottle this time, please take a look at the information below about exchanging a bottle and the different categories there are.

Gas bottle exchange

Let's get exchanging. To help you get to grips with our exchange policy, we’ve created this handy diagram. There are five gas bottle groups as shown below. You can exchange a gas bottle within the same group, without having to pay for an extra Cylinder Refill Agreement.*

When you purchased your gas bottle, you were handed the Cylinder Refill Agreement (a bit like a receipt) that determined your gas bottle category. You can exchange your gas bottle for any gas bottle within the same category. If you fancy a gas bottle that belongs to a different category, you’ll need to purchase a new Cylinder Refill Agreement. Take a look at our gas bottle categories below, to see which gas bottle you could swap over to.
Small Cylinder Refill Agreement Category

Small Category (£39.99)

3.9kg Propane, 4.5kg Butane, 6kg Propane Lite, 6kg Propane or 7kg Butane

Medium Cylinder Refill Agreement category

Medium Category (£39.99)

12kg Butane, 13kg Propane or 15kg Butane

Large Cylinder Refill Agreement category

Large Category (£59.99)

12kg Propane, 18kg Propane, 19kg Propane or 47kg Propane

Patio Cylinder Refill Agreement category

Patio Category (£39.99)

5kg Patio or 13kg Patio

Cube Cylinder Refill Agreement category

Cube Category (£29.99)

Cube Gas

Gas bottle returns

COVID-19 update

Please give your local Calor Centre a call to arrange a return.  To find the details of your nearest Calor Centre, simply use our handy "Find a retailer" tool and apply the 'Calor Centre' filter. 

How much will I get?

If you have a valid Cylinder Refill Agreement, you may be entitled to a 25-70% refund of the original Refill Agreement charge.

Simply return the gas bottle(s) in good order to one of our Calor Centres, along with your original Cylinder Refund Agreement paperwork, to receive a proportion refund of the Refill Agreement Charge.* To find your nearest Calor Centre, simply use our handy retailer finder tool and apply the 'Calor Centre' filter. 

The age of your Cylinder Refill Agreement determines the refund proportion:

1 year old 70% refund
2 years old 60% refund
3 years old 50% refund
4 years old 45% refund
5 years old 40% refund
6 years old 35% refund
7 years old 30% refund
Over 7 years 25% refund

Can’t find your Cylinder Refill Agreement paperwork? Don’t worry, we all misplace things.

We offer £7.50 for each Calor gas bottle that is returned to one of our Calor Centres.** To find your nearest Calor Centre call us on 0800 022 4146, or use our retailer finder tool and apply the 'Calor Centre' filter.

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I have a question

The best way to tell if your gas bottle is empty is to have a look at the tare disk. This shows the weight of the gas bottle when it doesn’t contain any gas. If you look at the top of the gas bottle surrounding the outlet valve, you’ll see a circular aluminium disk. If you look closely at the circular disk, you can see the tare weights shown as two numbers either side of each other. This is the tare weight in pounds (to the left) and ounces (to the right). Convert this into kilograms (kg) to find out the weight of your gas bottles when it’s empty. If you have a Cube Gas bottle, the tare weight is already shown in kilograms. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’ve bought a 13kg Patio gas bottle. You’ve seen that the tare weight reads 32 pounds, so you convert this to 14.5kg. Now you know that when you gas bottle reaches 14.5kg, it will be empty.

We only offer gas bottle exchanges and refunds if the gas bottle is owned by Calor.  You can exchange your gas bottle free of charge, if it belongs to the same Cylinder Refill Agreement category group. You can find a list of all Calor owned gas bottles below. Please bear in mind that if your gas bottle is not Calor branded but listed below, we will exchange it for a Calor branded gas bottle.

  • Abbott Gas
  • Anglesey Gas 
  • Astra Gas
  • Autogas 
  •  BCS Cheaper Gas
  •  Bell Gas
  •  Best Gas
  •  Blackburn Gas
  •  Border Gas
  •  Brita Gas Ltd
  •  Budget Gas Ltd
  •  Calor Gas
  •  Castle Gas 
  •  Compact Gas
  •  Corral Gas
  •  Cosy Gas
  •  CPS Fuels & CPS Gas
  •  Darnley – Wakefield
  • D G Supplies
  • Discount Gas
  • Easy Gas
  • Elf
  • ELF Anglia
  • ELF Flexigas
  • ELF Propower
  • Eurogas
  • Firepalm
  • Flexigas
  • GL Gas
  • Glogas
  • Go-Gas Cylinders
  • Hardy & Collins
  • Heatlink
  • Heron Gas
  • Hingley Gas
  • Homeheat
  • Jackson Gas
  • K Gas
  • KG Smith
  • Kim Gas
  • King Gas
  • Knight Gas
  • Knottingley Gas
  • LBG London – Bottled Gas
  • L&B Gas
  • London Gas
  • LPG Direct
  • MG Gas Supplies
  • Manchester Gas
  • Mariner Gas
  • MB Gas
  • Merrell Gas
  • Mitchell Gas
  • Northern Gas
  • Norvic Gas
  • PD Fuels
  • Pennine Gas
  • PML
  • Primagas
  • Propower
  • Quadgas
  • Quadstoke
  • R&R Gas
  • Roberts Fuels Ltd
  • Rochdale Gas
  • Rogas
  • Scottish Rural Gas
  • Sheppards Industrial Services (SIS)
  • Solo Gas
  • SR Jackson
  • Stubbings Gas
  • Swift Gas Ltd
  • Tank Gas
  • The Gas Man
  • The Gasman
  • Traford Gas
  • Trident Gas
  • Try Gas
  • UKPP
  • Vitagas
  • West Wales Gas
  • WWG

Even if the gas bottle isn’t empty, one of our Calor Centres can take it off your hands.** To find your nearest centre, pop in your postcode into our handy retailer finder and apply the ‘Calor Centre’ filter. Whilst we won’t refund the remaining gas that’s left in the bottle, we’ll refund up to 70% of your original Cylinder Refill Agreement charge. If you can’t find your paperwork, one of our Calor Centres can issue a £7.50 refund.**

We keep a close eye on all of our gas bottles, to ensure they’re in tip-top condition. Whenever we receive a used gas bottle, it's sent over to one of our filling plants for some well-deserved TLC. When you obtain a gas bottle for the first time, you’ll purchase the gas inside the bottle and the Cylinder Refill Agreement which covers the bottle itself. The Cylinder Refill Agreement is effectively a contract between us and you, which outlines that the gas bottle you receive is owned by Calor and safe to use.* So when you’re done with your gas bottle and it’s time for a refill, we’ll take your gas bottle off your hands and send it on its way to be inspected. So you'll know every gas bottle you receive is safe.

We have five gas bottle categories which all require a different Cylinder Refill Agreement. If you’d like to purchase a gas bottle in a different category, you’ll need to purchase another Cylinder Refill Agreement.

If you’d like to know the nitty gritty, we’ve outlined our Cylinder Refill Agreement terms & conditions.

You certainly can. If your gas bottle is in the same category group, there's won't be an extra charge for the gas bottle itself if you have the correct Cylinder Refill Agreement. If you'd like to purchase a gas bottle in a different category group, you'll need to purchase a new Cylinder Refill Agreement. Take a look at our gas bottle categories to see where your gas bottle belongs.
Think of it like a milk round - we'll collect your bottle and hand over a full one. If you’re ordering a gas bottle within the same category group, simply select ‘A replacement bottle’ on the correct gas bottle shop page. If you’d like to order a gas bottle in a different category group, you’ll need to select ‘A new full bottle’ which includes a new Cylinder Refill Agreement. Not sure on the gas bottle categories? Not to worry, we’ve made a simple list of our gas bottle categories. If you’re ready to exchange, have a gander on our online gas bottles shop.
If you'd like to exchange your gas bottle, but you're not sure which one you need, use our which gas bottle do I need tool. 

If you have ordered a gas bottle online within a different category group, and you haven't purchased a new Cylinder Refill Agreement, the driver will have to send the gas bottle back to us. We’ll then refund the gas bottle and ask you to order again. To save you the hassle, please make sure you have the correct Cylinder Refill Agreement when ordering your gas bottle. If you’re not sure which category your gas bottle belongs to, please head over to our gas bottle categories.

Absolutely. Head over to your nearest Calor Centre who will take your unwanted gas bottle off your hands. If you have your Cylinder Refill Agreement paperwork, you’ll receive a proportion of the Cylinder Refill Agreement charge.* If you don’t have your paperwork, we offer £7.50 for each gas bottle that is returned.** To find your nearest Calor Centre and return your gas bottle, apply the ‘Calor Centre’ filter to our gas bottle retailer finder.  
Of course. Please bear in mind that our drivers don’t carry cash or have the means of processing your Cylinder Refill Agreement paperwork whilst out on the road, so we cannot issue a refund when we collect your gas bottle. If you would like a gas bottle refund, please visit your nearest Calor Centre. To find your nearest Calor Centre and return your gas bottle, make sure you use the ‘Calor Centre’ filter on our retailer finder

If you would like to return a gas bottle, please visit your local Calor Centre with your Cylinder Refill Agreement paperwork to receive a 25-70% refund of the original CRA cost. If you've misplaced your paperwork, we offer £7.50 for each bottle that we receive. To find your local Calor Centre, use our retailer finder and apply the ‘Calor Centre’ filter.  Here's a list of our retailers that will not issue a refund: 

  • Applegreen
  • B&Q
  • Blue Diamond
  • Central Convenience Stores
  • Co-Operative Group
  • Dobbies Garden Centres
  • Fuel Express
  • Go Outdoors
  • Highway Stops Retail (HSRL)
  • Hillier Garden Centres and Nurseries
  • JTF Home & Garden
  • Klondyke & Strikes Garden Centres
  • Millets
  • Morrisons
  • Notcutts Garden Centres
  • Shell
  • The Range
  • Wyevale Garden Centres

Each year, you can return a maximum of five gas bottles to one of our Calor Centres. To find out more about how our returns policy works, head over to our gas bottle returns section.  

To find your nearest Calor Centre and return your gas bottle, head over to our retailer finder tool and apply the ‘Calor Centre’ filter.

The Calor 340 is not included in this returns offer without a valid Cylinder Refill Agreement.

The CRA (or Cylinder Refill Agreement) is a contract that you are given when you purchase a new Calor cylinder. It can also be found below:

Cylinder Refill Agreement terms

In these conditions, “Company” means Calor Gas Limited, and “CALOR Outlet” means any CALOR Centers, Dealers, Retailers, Stockists or other supply points approved by the Company. “CALOR” is the Registered Trademark of Calor Gas Limited. “Refill Agreement Charge” means the Refill Agreement Charge included in your order or where you are exchanging a cylinder this refers to the charge previously paid for the first issue of the cylinder(s). “User” means the customer named on the online order form who is party to a Cylinder Refill Agreement (“the Agreement”).

1. Purpose of the Refill Agreement Charge

In consideration for the Refill Agreement Charge, the Company agrees to refill the Calor Cylinder(s) (“Cylinder(s)”) included in your order with supplies of CALOR gas (“Gas”) during the currency of this Agreement. The Company will fulfill its obligation to refill the Cylinder by providing the User with a pre-filled Cylinder in exchange for the empty Cylinder, but reserves the right to refill the Cylinder by any other means. A Cylinder(s) can only be exchanged for a similar replacement refill Cylinder(s) within the same category as the current Cylinder(s), otherwise a new Agreement is required. Please see our exchange policy for further details about exchanging Cylinder(s).

2. Future supplies of Gas

In entering into this Agreement the User also understands that he/she will pay additional sums at the prevailing rate for the Gas contained in the Cylinder and for all future supplies of Gas as and when the Cylinder is refilled in accordance with paragraph 1.

3. Cylinders remain the property of the Company at all times and may only be filled by the Company

The company makes the cylinder(s) available to the user as a means of safely transporting and storing the gas supplied. This agreement is not a rental agreement and it does not provide the user with title in the cylinder. The user will not part with possession or control of the cylinder(s) (other than to a CALOR outlet) nor claim to have any rights that conflict with this agreement, nor create or purport or attempt to create any agency or bailment in relation to the cylinder(s) or to the user’s obligations.

4. Use of Cylinders

Cylinders may be used only as a container for Gas and not be sold, exchanged (other than for the Purpose of the Agreement), hired, assigned, transferred, mortgaged, lent, abandoned, nor damaged, decanted, filled or tampered with.

5. The Company’s rights over the Cylinders

The User is liable for the safe storage and use of Cylinder(s) and the safety of any equipment used with them but the Company may inspect or test Cylinder(s) and any fittings used with them at any time and remove and replace Cylinder(s) if defective, or for any other reason, but without the Company being under any obligation to do so. In any case of wilful damage or breach of this Agreement the Company may repossess Cylinder(s) immediately and the User by entering into this Agreement irrevocably authorises the Company or their agent to enter on the User’s property for these purposes and in that event this Agreement is terminated. The Company may charge the User for loss of use of a Cylinder, in the event of loss or damage to the Cylinder but this charge shall not give the User any rights in the Cylinder. Unless the Company, at its discretion, decides otherwise, the User will forfeit any rights or benefits conferred upon this by this Agreement.

6. Statutory obligations

The Company will comply with all statutory and appropriate Code of Practice requirements in respect of Cylinders but this shall not mean that the Company has any obligation to maintain in good condition Cylinders which ate in the User’s possession.

7. Termination by the User

This Agreement remains in force for 50 years. The User may terminate this Agreement by returning the Cylinder(s) in good order to a CALOR Outlet nominated for this purpose and shall be entitled on presenting this Agreement to a refund of a proportion of the Refill Agreement Charge as follows:

1 year old

70% refund

2 year old

60% refund

3 year old

50% refund

4 year old

45% refund

5 year old

40% refund

6 year old

35% refund

7 years old

30% refund

Over 7 years

25% refund

8. Termination by the Company

This Agreement may be terminated by the Company in the event of any act of insolvency or breach of this Agreement on the part of the User.

9. Delivery

Where a Cylinder is to be delivered to the User the Company may use an agent for this purpose.

10. Other

This Agreement is governed by and constructed in accordance with English Law. VAT and any other applicable taxes will be charged at the appropriate rates.

Non-business users of Calor’s LPG cylinders who return an unwanted Calor-owned LPG cylinder to a Calor Centre will be entitled to a cash payment of £7.50 per cylinder (maximum five cylinder returns per person) subject to the following conditions (“the Scheme”):

1. Calor Gas Limited (registered company no. 00303703, whose registered office is at Athena House, Athena Drive, Tachbrook Park, Warwick CV34 6RL) (“Calor”) is operating the Scheme to encourage consumers (domestic customers) who no longer need their LPG cylinders to return them to Calor for maintenance and refilling.

2. Calor-owned LPG cylinders remain the property of Calor at all times.

3. Under the Scheme, a domestic customer who cannot produce their Cylinder Refill Agreement (an agreement issued to a first-time customer purchasing LPG in a cylinder from Calor) and is returning a Calor-owned cylinder to a Calor Centre but does not require a refill, will be entitled to a cash payment of £7.50 per cylinder returned, subject to a maximum of five such cylinder returns in any calendar year.

4. In order to receive the £7.50 payment, the Calor-owned LPG cylinder must be returned in a reasonable condition (decided at Calor’s sole discretion) to a Calor Centre by the customer. There are 50 Calor Centres – please see for more details.

5. Each domestic customer may return a maximum of five cylinders per calendar year in return for payment of £7.50 per cylinder. Payment is subject to the customer producing photographic ID showing the customer’s full name and address and the photographic ID must be produced at the time the payment is requested. The customer’s name and address will be retained by Calor in order to process the payment and for audit purposes but these details will not be used for marketing purposes.

6. Neither Calor employees and agents nor business customers may participate in the Scheme and Calor reserves the right to refuse to make payment to anyone who is believed at Calor’s sole discretion (i) to be operating in a commercial capacity; or (ii) to be an employee or agent of Calor; or (iii) to have breached the terms of this Scheme.

7. For the avoidance of doubt, domestic customers who return a Calor-owned cylinder to a Calor Centre and are in possession of a valid Calor Cylinder Refill Agreement will receive the amount to which they are entitled under the terms of the Cylinder Refill Agreement, which will be greater than the payment offered under the terms of the Scheme.

8. Calor reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions or to terminate the Scheme at any time without notice. No correspondence will be entered into.

9. Participation in the Scheme shall be deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions.