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Top tips for keeping your BBQ tip top

Gas BBQ cooking food
There are plenty of ways to keep your BBQ pristine - and it couldn't be easier!

We know the last thing you want to do after a great summer BBQ is put your rubber gloves on and get scrubbing. These five easy tips will help you keep your BBQ clean and ready to use all year round! 


Here's how to look like a real BBQ champion this summer:

1) Clean your grates about 30 minutes after switching off – or when cool enough to handle. Far less work than letting it set solid.

2) Alternatively, while the grill is still hot – clean it with an onion. Simply cut it in half, stick it on a fork and use the onion to scrub off the residue.

3) Don’t have an onion? Use spray vinegar on your grill plate then use a ball of aluminium foil to remove all traces of food.

4) Want to stop rust? Give your BBQ a quick wipe over with olive oil (or something similar) after you clean it.

5) Don’t want to miss the fun? Steam your BBQ by putting a shallow tin of water inside with the lid down. That’ll help keep everything soft till you come to clean.