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Seven Bro7hers Brewery - Be a beer winner!

seven brothers from Seven Bro7hers Brewery

With International Beer Day just around the corner on 6th August, surely there’s no better reason to discover a new brew. Who knows, you could find a whole new favourite!

How Calor is helping craft brewers Seven Bro7hers to power up their business.

Calor LPG isn’t just perfect for heating homes, it’s ideal for all kinds of things – even brewing. That’s why it’s the fuel of choice for Seven Bro7hers Brewing Co in Salford, near Manchester. A thriving business, it now produces more than 6000 litres of the finest beers every single day – including IPA, stout, pilsner and lager.

The heart of the business

At the centre of Seven Bro7hers’ operation is their steam boiler. At two metres tall and one metre wide, it’s essential to every aspect of their business – without steam, they simply can’t make beer. And that’s where Calor LPG comes in.

It’s all about steamwork

With a hot liquor tank, a mash tun and a copper tank all needing steam jackets to control the temperature of the brewing process, heat plays a vital role at every stage. Calor LPG is ideal for maintaining those temperatures with a supply that can match their growth. In fact, we supplied around 25,000 litres of LPG in 2020 alone – and we’re ready to supply even more as the popularity of their beers continues to grow.

Don’t waste a thing

While crafting the finest beers is important for the brothers, so is sustainability. Continually looking for ways to make their business more eco-friendly, Seven Bro7hers recently partnered with Kellogg’s to take unwanted grain from the breakfast giant and turn it into beer – grain that would have simply gone to landfill.

The brewery even supplies any leftover grain from its own brewing process to a nearby farm as food for livestock – nothing is wasted.

Fully renewable fuel

As the brewery looks to the future, we’ll also help them make the switch to 100% renewable energy with BioLPG. As part of our commitment to offer all our customers fully renewable energy by 2040, we’ll be able to help them lower their carbon emissions further – making that perfect drop of ale, perfectly sustainable – well into the future.

To find out a little more read their case study here.

Competition - Beer Winner!

Fancy starting August off with a bang… enter our competition for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes:

  • 12-pack of Seven Bro7hers ales, worth £36.50
  • Seven Bro7hers e-gift voucher, worth £40
  • Brewery Tour and Tasting for 2, worth £30

All you need do is answer one question. How many litres of beer has Calor helped Seven Bro7hers brew since becoming a Calor customer back in 2017 till the end of July 2021. The winner will be the nearest 1,000 litres of beer. Good luck!

How to enter:

Simply email your guess between 5th August - 15th September 2021 to or comment under our social post on our Calor Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. The winner will be told on 16th September. For T&Cs visit Terms and Conditions