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Moving To The Countryside & The Benefits Of A Rural Life

Three people wearing wolly hats sat on a bench facing a beautiful countryside view
Living in the countryside is a dream for a lot of people, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city to a place which is quieter and more scenic. There’s no doubt that 2020 and lockdown has made us all reassess what we want from our homes, with more people than ever looking to move to the countryside for a calmer and more rural way of living. With this in mind, what do you need to know about moving and what are the benefits of this way of life?
Many people now see their home differently. It isn’t just a place to relax anymore. It’s a place to work, to exercise and even provide education for their children. Multifunctional space and outdoor areas have become so essential, and homes in the countryside often offer a lot more room to live our lives to the fullest.

Here, the team at Calor and leading online estate agent, Purplebricks, look at the benefits of countryside living. 

Space, glorious space

When comparing living in a city vs the countryside, a lack of outdoor space, especially for those who live in flats or apartments is a substantial downside. Homes in the countryside often have a nice, big back garden, offering the perfect space to connect with nature and relax. While some apartments might have a balcony, few of these can match the glorious scenery of the countryside. 

Indeed, research by Purplebricks has found that gardens are seen as highly important when it comes to our wish list, with almost half (47%)* of Brits saying they would prioritise a house with outdoor space. 

More of us are also comfortable working from home, with it becoming the norm for many. Research from Purplebricks has also revealed that a third of Brits (29%)* would love a home office, and that 36%* said living in the countryside would be their preference. It’s no surprise, as rural homes can cost less than those in big cities and often tend to come with more space. 

Having to spend more time in our homes due to lockdown has given us ample time to think about what we want from where we live. In fact, Purplebricks discovered that 34%* of us agreed our living requirements have changed as a result of lockdown. 

Being part of a thriving local community 

One of the benefits of living in the countryside is the sense of community that villages have. Little towns and villages can give you lots of opportunities to be involved in events and fundraisers with your neighbours. This community spirit can be beneficial for your mental health, making you feel like you are part of something greater and fostering relationships that can last a lifetime. In fact, market towns can feel just as lively as a city at the weekend (except without the masses of traffic and people!), and there’s often some great local shops to peruse and source local, delicious produce from.

Becoming part of your local community is also easy to achieve, especially due to the role social media plays in our society. You can often find groups online that share events and happenings in their town or village, making it a great way to meet new people and grow your love of the countryside. Rural communities often contain independent pubs, cafes, greengrocers and other shops, which are hotspots for locals. Looking to shop locally lets you meet people who may have lived in the village for generations and they can inform you about what goes on.

Things to consider 

If you’ve moved somewhere quite remote, then there’s a chance you may be not be connected to a mains gas supply. However, there’s no need to worry, as we can provide advice on how to live off grid. At Calor, we provide LPG, a versatile energy solution and BioLPG, a sustainable form of LPG which can be used as off-grid heating for your home, power your appliances and provide an instant flame for cooking at the perfect temperature. The tank can be hidden underground, out of sight and also be set up with our Auto-ordering technology, which monitors your gas and automatically schedules your deliveries behind the scenes, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

BioLPG is our more sustainable alternative, made from a blend of waste residues and sustainably sourced materials which, when compared to oil, can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 38%** on a 40-60 blend of BioLPG and LPG. So, a life in the countryside, can also mean an eco-friendlier life.

While life in smaller villages and towns can offer a peaceful change to the busy world of the city, there’s several aspects to consider. Firstly, broadband can be a little slower the further you are from a city, and this can impact your ability to work from home. But, speeds are always improving and options like an external antenna can boost your broadband and can help mitigate this. Making sure you’re accustomed with transport links like train stations and bus stops can prove useful for travelling and owning a car can prove particularly useful.

Moving to the countryside can be a big change, especially if you’ve only known the city lifestyle. However, there are a lot of benefits for making this move, with community support, peaceful surroundings and beautiful views, right at your doorstep. Now that a majority of our work habits have changed, and 2020 has offered a new perspective on life, we wouldn’t be surprised if this trend continued for years to come.

*OnePoll research, commissioned by Purplebricks, 2020
 ** Emissions saving compared to conventional LPG and only applicable to LPG element of total dual fuel. Fuel cost savings based on one HGV travelling 100,000 miles over a year period with 25% LPG substitution, compared to a purely diesel-fuelled HGV equivalent.