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Make a positive start to 2020 - Reuse, recycle or donate

Presents in recycled paper

Did the holidays leave your home full of… stuff? Instead of reaching for the bin bags, why not see if you can reuse, recycle or donate first. Here are some great ideas from MIND, our corporate charity.

Reuse Christmas trees
If it has roots replant it in a pot and put it in your garden. It’s easier on the environment and you can enjoy it year after year. If it doesn‘t have roots take it to your local council‘s Christmas tree recycling scheme as it can be used as compost.

Donate unwanted gifts

Instead of sticking stuff at the back of cupboards, why not donate to charity? At MIND, they’ll be only too happy to find them new owners. And you can feel good knowing you’re helping others.

Recycle wrapping paper

Unfortunately, if it’s glitter paper, foil paper, etc., you can’t recycle. But for everything else, simply remove all sticky tape, bows and other extras and recycle away.

You can find plenty more great recycling ideas online. Why not give it a go.