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LPG and BioLPG: your go-to off grid power solutions

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Living off the grid, moving into a country home or running a rural business?

We’re all-too-familiar with the misconceptions that surround rural life, including off grid heating, and we’d love to squash them once and for all. So we, as the UK’s leading LPG and BioLPG supplier, decided to put the off grid world to rights. We’ve brought to you five of the many benefits that’ll get you excited about living and working off the grid with LPG and BioLPG. Let us take you into the realm of LPG and BioLPG, two of the most efficient off grid energy solutions.

  1. Energy that powers it all
    LPG is known for its versatility. So, when you say goodbye to the mains gas grid, you can still experience all the benefits. As well as controllable off grid heating, LPG is used for cooking, instant hot water, laundry, crop drying, heating swimming pools and even powering hot air balloons. Bet you didn’t think that was possible!

  2. Go greener without compromise
    It’s important for us to care for our countryside. We offer a greener energy solution, BioLPG, to heat up homes and even power forklift trucks. Compared to heating oil, BioLPG can cut your carbon by up to 38%.* Also, it’s chemically identical to LPG which means that it can be used with LPG tanks, boilers and appliances. What’s more, BioLPG is just as efficient and powerful as LPG.

  3. Unspoilt views with underground tanks
    Rural life opens the door to a whole new world of natural beauty. And, as we’re believers of unspoilt views, we offer our customers an underground tank option that’s hidden out of sight.** Whether you’re soaking in the countryside from the comforts of your home, or want to expose your customers to an enticing view, you can make the most of our underground tanks.

  4. Community
    Cutting off from the mains gas grid doesn’t mean leaving the connections behind. When moving off-grid, you’ll often be welcomed by a close-knit community that’ll give you a strong sense of belonging. 

  5. A constant supply
    With our complimentary Auto-ordering technology, we’ll keep an eye on your gas usage and automatically schedule a delivery when you’re running low.*** With us, you can take the time doing what matters most and leave your worries behind.
LPG and BioLPG are the way to go when you’re comparing off grid power solutions. If you’re looking to build a new home and start experiencing the many benefits of rural life, head to our gas for self builds page. Or, maybe you’re looking to switch from oil, electricity or solid fuel? Take a look at our home energy hub.
From forklift fleets to hotels that never sleep, we do it all. If you’re looking to switch your business’ energy around or simply fancy a chat, head over to our business energy hub

* Compared to heating oil, BioLPG can achieve a 38% reduction in GHGs (CO2e/ eq function) based on a 60/40% blend of LPG/BioLPG. LPG can reduce 16% in GHGs (CO2e/eq function) compared to heating oil. BioLPG's carbon savings in heating, haulage and forklifts (Atlantic Consulting, 2017).

** Subject to site survey.

*** Terms & Conditions of Calor's 'Auto-ordering Technology' apply:

  1. A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Calor, for the purpose of enabling Calor to remotely measure the quantity of LPG contained within the bulk tank(s) and schedule deliveries accordingly.
  2. Subject to the telemetry unit being able to receive signal.
  3. Direct-debit payment plan required.

What is telemetry?

Our smart telemetry system monitors the levels of gas left in your bulk tank(s) and automatically tells us when a top-up is needed.