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Working towards net zero with Calor and Parkdean Resorts

bird eye view of holiday park in the UK with sunsetting in the distance
Staycations in the UK continue to be popular with Brits, especially the ones looking to reduce their carbon footprint and boost local economy. Thinking about the future today, Calor has partnered with the UK’s leading holiday park operator, Parkdean Resorts, to help lower carbon emissions around some of the UK’s finest beauty spots.

An environmentally conscious nation

Sustainability is a hot topic across all industries at the moment and the holiday park sector is no stranger to this trend, especially with the continued rise of staycations in the UK.

The Covid-19 pandemic undoubtably pushed more people to explore and admire the UK, but for some, staying closer to home had additional perks, especially for those who consciously want to reduce their own carbon footprint. Flying often hikes up carbon emissions, so holidaying a couple of hours’ drive from home is quite ideal.

At Calor, to help play our part in the UK getting to net zero, we have pledged to offer 100% renewable energy solutions to all our customers by 2040. Part of this pledge has seen us recently partner with Parkdean Resorts, the UK’s leading holiday park operator, to support them in becoming the first holiday park company to convert to renewable Calor Futuria Liquid Gas (previously BioLPG).

Reducing carbon emissions across the UK

Parkdean Resorts operates 66 award-winning holiday parks that are abundant with biodiversity, providing natural habitats for an array of wildlife and protected species, and hugely diverse fauna and flora. As a result, they are committed to supporting wild spaces for nature by choosing more sustainable options for its resorts and guests.

Naturally, Calor wanted to be able to help. As an organisation that works predominantly in coastal and rural communities, partnering with Parkdean Resorts was a natural fit. By helping to boost Parkdean Resorts’ sustainability agenda through renewable fuels, we are also helping to protect the most beautiful areas of the UK’s coastlines and countryside that Parkdean Resorts looks after.

Recognising the importance of taking sustainability seriously, Parkdean Resorts made a big commitment by committing to reduce 25% of its carbon emissions by 2025 and consciously opting for more sustainable sources when purchasing goods and services.

We identified Futuria Liquid Gas as an opportunity to improve the sustainability of Parkdean Resorts’ gas supply and reduce CO2 emissions together, importantly without any impact on their operations or infrastructure. Futuria Liquid Gas is a co-product of biodiesel production made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials. Futuria Liquid Gas can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% when compared to using conventional LPG1.

More than 14% of the total LPG supplied by Calor to Parkdean Resorts will be Futuria Liquid Gas by the end of 2022, rising to nearly 25% by the end of 2023.

The renewed partnership will be a big step toward Parkdean’s commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025 and achieve net zero by 2040. 

Sustainability for holiday parks

As part of Calor’s own sustainability strategy, we recognise decarbonising heat is vital for the future of our planet. Subsequently, this partnership with Parkdean Resorts is part of a much bigger picture and will provide us with key insights for the commercial roll-out of Futuria Liquid Gas to other businesses off the gas grid in the future. It will also provide Parkdean Resorts with an opportunity to switch to other suitable sustainable fuels, currently in development, later down the line.

Futuria Liquid Gas is currently available through Calor for our home energy customers, fork-lift truck (FLT) and hospitality (hotels, pubs and bars) markets.

For hospitality businesses, when your guests are away on their jollies, they expect their stay to be the best of the best. Switching to versatile Futuria Liquid Gas ticks all the boxes, ensuring reliable energy for all heating, hot water, cooking and tumble drying.

Whether you are wanting to cut utility bills, reduce your environmental impact or enhance your guest experience, taking a more sustainable approach not only makes good business sense but also does wonders for the environment.

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1 Table provided by kind permission of GemServ based on emission factor calculations prepared by BEIS 2021. Based on 100% BioLPG allocation.