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Escape the city – what living in the countryside has taught us

A countryside lane with houses on the left handside, looking down a hill
When living in the city has lost its lustre, a new life in the countryside gives a great opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life and give you a fresh perspective on the world.

Of course, a move like this is not something to take lightly, as life in the countryside is very different from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. Yet, there is a lot to enjoy and appreciate which could ultimately lead to a happier, healthier life.

The countryside isn’t the middle of nowhere

When we think of the countryside, we immediately imagine large areas of farmland or remote villages. However, living somewhere more rural doesn’t have to mean giving up on all the amenities you’re used to in everyday city life. Small market towns are a great choice if you want to move out of the concrete jungle. These towns will still often have a local supermarket, primary schools, village pub and other important shops such as a pharmacy, but they are considerably less busy than a city centre. They will also have very remote areas, with woodlands and green fields being commonplace. We also really like hamlets and villages as these are very pleasant places to live if you’re willing to drive a little further for your weekly shopping. These sorts of micro-villages have an incredibly peaceful and homely atmosphere that can have a really calming effect on the mind and body. If you want to be surrounded by lush countryside, then this would be the perfect choice and it doesn’t mean you’ll be completely isolated, there’s still neighbours nearby and small shops such as a Post Office.

Your neighbours are lovely people

We love being part of a local community and feel it is one of the most important aspects of countryside living. When you’ve just made the move, look for events and social gatherings organised by those who live there, to help integrate into village life (when safe to do so!). With less people living in a town or village, more people get involved socially where they live and spend time making it a more pleasurable place to live, and that passion can be infectious.  We’ve found that being a part of community groups like these can help you make friends for life and enables you to find out important information or tips for local life, such as the best restaurants and commuting shortcuts. 

Local produce is delicious and supports those who need it

There will be big supermarkets nearby, but you’ll also have the option to shop at smaller, independent shops for your food and household goods. These sorts of shops are often owned and run by people who have lived there for generations.
Whilst these shops may have slightly less choice than your big chain supermarket (you’ll be surprised about how much stuff you really didn’t need - looking at you, pint-sized carton of iced coffee!), we’ve found that these small local corner shops have fantastic fresh produce and treats. 
For instance, village butchers often focus on selling locally sourced meat and are an important part of the villages’ community and trade. By shopping at places like this, not only would you be enjoying fresh produce, but you’ll also be supporting family businesses and keeping them going for future generations.
The same attitude also applies to your local cafe, pub, or restaurant. You really won’t miss the chain restaurants of the big cities when you try some of the amazing food created by independent cafes and bistros. We love the feel-good factor when dining in these places, with the money going straight into the pockets of families. Venues like these are also great places to meet local residents and learn about what is happening in the community.

The countryside is good for your health!

We find it hard to look over a large green field and not feel relaxed, or to walk through some woodland and not feel both inspired and calm. You’ll be surprised to see how spending time in nature will improve your mental health and overall wellbeing.
Even if you opt to live in a market town, you’re only a short drive away from some spectacular countryside. Small towns also often have large parks and plenty of green spaces, which we know can often be quite rare in the city. A peaceful and quiet walk through nature can give the mind plenty of time for reflection, stretching both your mind and your muscles.

Breathing space

Whilst city living has its benefits in terms of access to certain amenities and transport links, life in the countryside can bring with it the chance to live in a larger home (depending on the area) as you often find you get more house for your money. If you’re thinking of starting a family, then living in the countryside can give you the opportunity to have a larger house and a garden for the same budget. 
Most homes in a village or town will have their own garden, and once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Whether you’re barbequing in the summer, growing homegrown vegetables at the start of spring, or playing in the snow during the winter, a garden can bring joy for the family all year round. 

Living in the countryside, an opportunity for a fresh perspective

If you have the ability to move away from the city, then moving to the country is certainly a leap of faith, but it is also a great opportunity. There will be things you’ll miss about the city, but once you’ve climatised to a quieter life, you may wonder how you ever lived without it.
If you’re looking to live somewhere very rural, then it’s good to keep in mind where your energy will be coming from. At Calor, we provide energy to thousands of people living off the national gas grid. With our auto-ordering system, we monitor our customer’s gas usage and automatically order a top-up of gas whenever you need it, bringing peace of mind so you can enjoy the countryside.

We also supply BioLPG, a new, sustainable form of gas which is made from a blend of waste, residues and sustainably sourced materials. This is just as efficient as regular gas, making it an excellent opportunity for homes to move towards a sustainable future without making a major impact on day-to-day energy usage. For more information about how we supply home energy to rural areas of the country, click here