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Useful Tips for Plastic Free Living

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An astonishing 295 billion pieces of plastic get discarded in the UK every year* but with so much ending up in our oceans and at landfill sites, what can we do to reduce our plastic waste and embark on the journey of plastic free living?
This month marks Plastic free July, an initiative by the Plastic Free Foundation which aims to help us all to reduce our plastic usage and waste. It’s really easy to take part - all you have to do is pledge to try and avoid using single use plastic for a day, the whole month or even the whole year if you’re up for the challenge!

If you’re wondering how to get plastic free in July or are looking for some ideas, here are just a few tips and swaps that you can do at home or work in order to live a more environmentally-conscious life.

1. If you love buying a nice cup of coffee as a treat, then consider purchasing an eco-friendly, reusable coffee cup for your caffeine fix. Only 1%** of disposable coffee cups can be recycled, so this is a great way to make a difference. You could also opt for loose leaf tea instead of tea bags which are quite often sealed with plastic.

2. Don’t send or purchase flowers wrapped in plastic. Whilst flowers make a lovely gift and are a great addition to a home, the single use plastic they often come wrapped in can make it bad for the environment. There are some great ethical florists you can shop with, who have removed single use plastic from all their products. Some also plant a tree for every bouquet you purchase, to help restore and grow healthy forests!

3. Try not using the cling film. Whilst that sticky plastic is great at keeping your food fresh it can’t be recycled. You can opt for eco-friendly wraps or reusable pouches and containers to keep your food fresh instead.
4. Water on the go? Then make it eco-friendly. Rather than purchasing plastic bottles of water, take a reusable bottle that you can re-fill time and time again and use if you’re out and about. It might seem simple, but changes such as this can make a big difference. 

5. Consider shopping locally. Most supermarkets have fruit and veg wrapped in plastic or have small plastic bags available to pop your produce in. However, 9 times out of 10, your local greengrocer has beautiful and fresh ingredients that you can take away in recyclable brown paper bags or packaging. You could even consider joining a local fruit and veg box scheme where you get produce delivered directly to your door in sustainable packaging. 

The team here at Calor will be putting our plastic free July ideas to good use this month and taking part in the challenge – good luck in your efforts and be sure to share your tips with us on social media!

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