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Hide your gas tank underground

An LPG underground tank cover in the garden of a rural cottage
Make the Clever Choice for your home energy

We’ve all got things we’d rather ignore. Whether it’s that huge pile of ironing which is growing by the day, the mountain of paperwork which really needs filing or that DIY job which you’ve left for a bit too long – there’s lots we’d like to forget about.

It’s a bit like your home heating. If you live in the countryside, without mains gas, you might be used to a fairly obvious fuel tank in your garden or even a solid fuel store cluttering up your outside space and wish you could do something to improve the view.

Well did you know that you can now hide your fuel underground too? Read on to see how switching to gas and burying your tank out of sight is a clever choice.

Hide your tank underground

If you live off-grid, without access to mains gas, you probably spend that little bit more time thinking about your home heating than the average city dweller and you’ll no doubt be familiar with the options available to you – including oil, LPG, electricity or solid fuel.

If you’ve heard about LPG, and like the sound of having all the convenience of gas for heating and cooking, or are already using it but would rather avoid having a storage tank taking up valuable space in your garden, the good news is that you can have the best of both worlds. By burying your gas tank underground with Calor, you can still enjoy all the benefits of your own gas supply, without having to look at it all day long, or it getting it the way!

Simple, straightforward LPG installation

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of Calor customers who have hidden their tanks underground.

What’s even more clever is that it’s an easier process than you think. As long as there is sufficient space in your garden, we can organise this for you – our specialist gas engineers dig the hole, site the tank , organise pipework and set up the gas connection k – and all that you are left with is a small, green tank access cover in the grass.

LPG – One less to think about

With your gas tank safely buried underground, you’ll also be helping to secure your fuel too. Although gas is virtually impossible to steal, fuel theft, especially of oil, is still an issue in the countryside and by hiding your fuel out of sight you can make your property less of a target.

And finally, don’t forget with Calor, you also benefit from our clever automatic top up technology, which continually checks the gas levels in your tank and alerts us when you need refuelling and makes a delivery- meaning you needn’t lift a finger!

To see how you can make a clever choice and spend less time thinking about your home energy, call us on 0800 181 4523 or visit Calor's site.